Monday, July 17, 2017

U.S. Civil Flag Newsletter: The Second Ride of Paul Revere

U.S. Civil flags was founded shortly after 9-11, which I witnessed from my rooftop of my apartment here in New York City. It was the wake-up call and the line in the sand, a warning that the Republic was in grave danger. The Rats had taken over the ship, actually a long time ago. 9-11 was merely a consolidation of their control for the final removal of all freedoms in our country. I didn’t know at the time that, I was perceived as cargo on a ship and my birth certificate was a bill of lading being used as monetary instruments within the financial markets. Human beings had been turned into corporations using the legal definition of person. I was dimly aware before 9-11 of the extent of the fraud, but like most American’s at that time, I wanted to trust my leaders, and believe that the government at least partially had our interests in mind. I thought there must be some good people in government that could be able to stem the erosion of freedom and liberty and rout out the villains. Again, I didn’t know that I was one of those human beings and I was actually a part of the fabric of the Republic itself. Right after 9-11, everyone hung the stars and stripes everywhere showing their patriotism. The call for war also came at the same time, but the problem was, it was not the actual human beings that perpetrated the attacks against New Yorkers. The Blind Patriotism reminded me of the Hitler propaganda film, the Triumph of the Will with the use of the Swastika everywhere. It was incredibly effective in uniting of the people behind their leader. I discovered the U.S. Civil flag shortly after 9-11 with an article from Barefoot Bob, who has since passed away. The vertical striped flag was a reversed image of the Stars and Stripes. I thought well to break the magic spell, you need to fight a symbol with a symbol. Our true enemies after all are unseen, the eye in the sky. We have been bound by our own flag by the money changers in the Temple to wage war against ourselves. The U.S. Civil flag cancels out that program and frees the mind and heart to restore the house and open the courtyard to masses that are no longer asses, informed and enlightened of our heritage as children of a loving God. The British are back and have swiped our land and our property through legal chicanery, we fight not with muskets or even snowballs, but paper and knowledge. It is a battle of the intellect, Our ancestors gave their blood for this land while we have given it away with the stroke of a pen. The Good news is that we have many pens with many different colors we just need to know when to write in Blue, Black or Red. I have seen many Patriotic Americans get into legal trouble over the years because of a lack of knowledge regarding the legal system.The true heroes are the ones that have been applying the knowledge that has been gleaned from self-study and using it on the field of battle which has been the roadways and in the courtrooms fighting the seizure of property. Their efforts though have cleared the path where the light at the end of the tunnel has become a virtual sun. The Civil Flag
is a machete that is slicing up the Kingdom of the Prince of the Air. We have reached a point where the original vision of our founding fathers is in reach, the installation of the Republican form of Government correctly. This is the 3rd part of the cipher found in the Declaration of Independence, The Pursuit of Happiness…. This message is to encourage you to spread the word about the U.S. Civil flag, it is the Second Ride of Paul Revere carrying the Flag of the law of the land. We are here to finish the job that the founders started, the implementation of the Original Organic American Republic.

Thursday, October 6, 2016

Jim Willie: Deutsche Bank Gold Derivatives Being Bought Out By Chinese. Force Majeure In Gold Near

There is a confrontation brewing in the Gold Market between the Exchange Stabilization Fund and the Chinese regarding Ending the Gold Rigging on Comex. THe Gold Derivatives book of DB being bought out by the Chinese. U.S. Patriots in U.S. Government making headway against the Banking Cabal. U.S.Civilflags is the flag of the common law revolution.

Tuesday, June 28, 2016


This is an outstanding explanation of the death of Globalism and a beginning of the return to nation states and the premier version of the gold standard that ran from 1870 to 1914. The movement towards the de-centralization of money began with the minority gold report authored by Ron Paul and Lew Lehrman during the Ronald Reagan administration. The silver and gold eagle program began soon after in 1986 by the U.S. Treasury. The process of decentralization of money was launched with the issuance of gold and silver coins to the American inhabitants. The people have the power to stop the globalization process simply by amassing real money across the spectrum of the populace. He who controls the gold controls the world; that also applies to us the middle earth people... USCivilflags Building the new world one flag at a time.