Thursday, October 16, 2008

Barack Obama May be An Illegal Alien?

Latest Update on the Berg Case Below.
This message is from a Denver attorney who has had personal contact with Philip Berg the Democrat attorney who filed the action in Federal Court in Pennsylvania in re: Obama's illegal immigration status. It sounds as though Mr. Berg has the DNC between a rock and a hard place, and that they are seeking orders protecting Obama's candidacy from any chance of an impediment posed by adherence to constitutional law.
We have a client who talked to us about a lawsuit that had been filed in federal court in Pennsylvania claiming that Barack Obama is not a natural born citizen which is required under the constitution to run for president. So one of our paralegals accessed the case online and sure enough, Philip Berg, an immigration attorney and a democrat and Hilary supporter had filed the case.
I have a copy if anyone really wants it. Since we hadn't heard anything about this on TV, but since Hannity did a show on Sunday night on similar topics and since Fox reported this morning that Coursi was arrested in Kenya this week, I became more interested. So I called Mr. Berg today. He answered the phone and updated me on the status of the case. He filed on August 22 and the DNC filed a motion to dismiss. The court asked him to file a response in 5 days which he did on September 29. He said yesterday the attorney for DNC called and asked for an extension of discovery deadlines which he declined. So they filed a motion for protective orders to which he will respond today. He said he may have to take this to the Supreme Court if the judge in Pennsylvania does not set a hearing on this immediately. He said his further research has led him to believe Obama is in the country illegally.

He said he does not know why the network or fox are not covering the lawsuit. Someone is coming to film him today to get the film on the website. He asked me to do what I could to get the news out. His website is So check it for yourselves.

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