Tuesday, January 20, 2009

While America Watches Ceasar take the Throne, There is the Smoking Gun; CAFR

While you are being serenading by Yo Yo Mah, the Government is stealing while you sleep. In fact they have been stealing for the last 35 years or so, to the tune of 60 Trillion dollars and stashing it in plane sight in something called the CAFR; The Complete Accounting Financial Report.
This is the Achilles heel of the whole dog and pony show known as the UNITED STATES CORPORATION. Spreading the awareness of the CAFR funds will unify the nation. All of us have been defrauded by all of the politicians. This is more important than the anti-tax movement, more important than ending the Fed. In fact the CAFR funds will both end taxation and the FED in one swift blow. The evidence is everywhere, in every CAFR in every local, state and city government. All it will take is a grass roots movement, everywhere in every direction. The CAFR funds are indefensible. What has prevented this fraud from being exposed is the ignorance of the patriot movement in understanding that there are over $60 Trillion dollars sitting there in plain sight, hidden within the accounting ledgers of the Complete Accounting Financial Report of all local, City and State governments.

Watch Walter Burien's video, study it and then show up and start asking questions; harass and hound your government officials.


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