Saturday, October 17, 2009

Jury tampering by Judges

This is a recent custom that has no basis in law. It is based on the change of the legal system from a common law jurisdiction to a commercial venue. Jurors can take back their rights and gag the judge. Their recourse is through the bailiff or the Sheriff who are members of the executive branch and not the judicial. Bailiffs and sheriffs often have become lackeys and thugs of the judicial mostly due to ignorance of the law, which is the fault of lawyers which are all liars. The root of lawyer is to lie.

The “Washington Post published a front page story entitled, “In Jury Rooms, a Form of Civil Protest
Grows,” last year. According to the Post article, jurors are not always following judges’ instructions to the
The article recounted that sometimes in jury trials, when those facts which the judge chooses to allow
into evidence indicate that the defendant broke the law, jurors look at the facts quite differently from
the way the judge instructed them to. The jurors do not say, “On the basis of these facts the defendant is
Instead, the jurors say, “On the basis of these facts the law is wrong,” and they vote to acquit. Or, they may
vote to acquit because they believe that the law is being unjustly applied, or because some government
conduct in the case has been so egregious that they cannot reward it with a conviction.
In short, a passion for justice invades the jury room. The jurors begin judging the law and the government, as well.

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