Friday, January 8, 2010

40% of Americans now ready for Tea Parties and Ron Paul

Ron Paul's got staying power, that's what happens when you don't lie.This does not mean Sarah Palin, she has yet to take a stand for actually libertarian anti-tax sentiments. At this point just a pretty poser with some balls.

A new poll by NBC/Wall Street Journal shows that a hypothetical Tea Party would beat out both the Republican and Democratic Party's in a three-way matchup. According to the poll, more than 40 percent of Americans would support the Tea Party movement, compared to a 35 percent for Democrats and 28 percent for Republicans." The Tea Party movement does not have an official political platform but provides a voice for angry populist sentiment against the government and political establishment. However their is concern that the movement has been hijacked by Neocons and partisan Republicans the same way the anti-war movement was by democratic partisans during the Bush administration.

In a new documentary about the tea part movement activist Nate Wiggim said, "I think a tea party foreign policy would probably be none. A tea party foreign policy would be working on getting the U.S.A. back together… Our economy is in disarray. I don't think this is a time to worry about foreign policy when our country is about to collapse. It's time to take care of ourselves. It was a foolish decision to go to Afghanistan in the first place… [while] our own country's borders are left open," continued Wiggim. "We have all this globalization. We don't produce any of our own products, we always import everything. We need to focus on ourselves before we worry about any other country's foreign issues."

The 2006 and 2008 elections were referendums against the Bush administration and Republican Congress over the Wars in Iraq, corruption, and reckless spending. However the democrats interpreted it as a mandate for their agenda. Now Americas are just as fed up with Obama and the democratic congress. There has not been a situation in recent history were the American public strongly rejected both major political parties. Perhaps the closest situation was when Ross Perot ran as an independent on a Populist platform and earned 19% of the vote.

Obama's promised change but his policies are not that much different than Bush's. He renewed the Patriot Act, continues deficit spending, fails to secure our borders and pushes for amnesty, and continues the two wars in the middle east. Americans have been lied to that the democrats are liberals and the republicans are conservatives. We have two parties that believe in globalization over national sovereignty, favor wall street and multi-national corporations over the middle class, have no regard for our constitution, and support an interventionist foreign policy that is not in our nations interest.

Americans are now realizing that both parties have failed to provide the solutions to fix our country but the political system is rigged against third parties. However by working within the Republican party Ron Paul's movement successfully taps into this sentiment and has influenced the direction of the GOP. There are several candidates who are part of his movement running for office this year, including his son Rand Paul who is now leading in the Republican primary for Senate in Kentucky.
UScivilflags- based on the original Sons of Liberty flag. The flag of the original Tea Party.

Former Congressmen Traficant who also has a growing following said "there's a group out of Washington, and in several cities around the country, that want to bring back the old Reform Party, combine it with the tea party and bring the Libertarians in and everybody, and they want me to run as an independent for president." Former CNN pundit Lou Dobbs, who is a self described independent populist and advocate for the middle class has also been mentioned as potential candidate for 2012. Dobbs said, "I will be in the public arena and engaged," and that his areas of interest are, "Illegal immigration, international trade, job creation, and economic growth."

While independent candidates have long had a snowballs chance in hell of getting elected, if Obama's approval ratings continue to plummet and the republicans fail to provide and alternative, 2012 may provide an opportunity. The Internet has changed the political scene by breaking the monopoly that the corporate media has long had over political discourse. While getting elected as a third party is still near imposable, we will likely see change within the existing two parties such as with Ron Paul's movement.

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