Sunday, April 11, 2010

The Ron Paul Revolution is back! Well, it never left.

They just called it the Tea Party and had Glenn Beck and Sarah Palin try to co-opt it. That lasted for about a minute and a half. Ron Paul just won a southern conservative straw-poll, actually Mitt the liberal democract won by a single hanging chad. That does not matter, Mitt will not be around much longer. He is just another sell-out politician who is a moron. The ghost of George Romney is waning anyway; look at the disaster in the Detroit.. Ron Paul will of course continue to gain in prominence because he tells the truth and even the flouride infested junk food rodents known as the American public with pick up the pick axes and become libertarians when their bellies start to grumble.
Uscivilflags- breaking the brainwashing of the debtor's prison.

The Southern Republican Leadership Poll is a sampling of Republican movers and shakers within the Southern part of the United States (Translation: Lobbyists, politicians and other big donors). This poll is significant in that it measures whether or not a candidate is viable (can raise enough support to win the Republican Primary in the South, the traditional Republican bastion).

Here are the results:

Q- If the primary election for president were held today, for whom would you vote? Please check the box by the candidate of your choice.

Newt Gingrich 18%
Mike Huckabee 4%
Gary Johnson 1%
Sarah Palin 18%
Ron Paul 24% (438 votes)
Tim Pawlenty 3%
Mike Pence 3%
Mitt Romney 24% (439 votes)
Rick Santorum 2%

It is also the time for those candidates that are not "viable" to consider political alliances with those that are. Based on all of the above, I would predict a Mitt Romney/Ron Paul ticket in 2012. This would be the result of Romney's deep pockets defeating Paul's "grass roots" in the Primary. Republican Primaries always favor the guy with the deepest pockets. Or the guy with the most connections to the deepest pockets.

Gingrich and Palin are not viable. Gingrich doesn't have a power-base and Palin resigned from hers. I see both of them joining the Mitt Romney campaign prior to the primaries, in exchange for promises of Cabinet positions in his administration.

So, there you have it.

Of course, in the end, whether you vote Republican or Democrat, you are voting for the Illuminazis. That is assuming that there will be elections in 2012. The way things are going right now, that seems very unlikely. By 2012, if the globalists have their way, you will be living in a forced labor camp, eating the crusts of stale bread, and singing "The Internationale".

Of course that's if you aren't already dead from the coming global conflict, planned genocides, race riots, food riots, starvation, natural disasters or man-made plagues.

In the mean time, expect more "dog and pony shows" from the people that don't want you looking behind the curtain, or underneath the floorboards until the show is over.

But, lets not be pessimistic. This earth needs a good cleansing, and if the wicked want to destroy the wicked, I don't think God will stand in their way. I also don't think that true Patriots need to worry about these things. We have wasted out our lives calling the people to repentance and trying to restore our God-given, Constitutional government. Our hands and hearts are clean of their blood. They have mocked us, murdered us, maligned us, and cast us out of their "respectable societies". We languish in our self-imposed exiles, our only companions are the truths handed down to us from the fathers. Our only friends, the Patriots who have gone before us.

Why should we care about popular opinions?

They chose their chains when they started down their various paths of greed, wanton lust, popularity and narcotics. We chose our liberty when we rejected these things. They have their idols and we have our God. And with God, all things are possible for those that believe. That means we are heading into a better world even as this one dissolves into chaos and anarchy.

Where there is Hope, there is always tomorrow. So remember, the darkest clouds bring with them the cleansing rain and after the storm, the sunshine and purified air will be that much sweeter.

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