Wednesday, October 13, 2010

FOX NEWS Beginning To Expose The Lies Of The 911 Commission

Ten years ago, I was watching the World Trade Center fall from my rooftop and said it was a demolition job. My sister said I was crazy. Well, she went to run down the volunteer at the World Trade Center and promptly got asthma. I refused to go saying God knows what chemicals are floating around down there. With this video, we have Napolitano beating around the truth of 9-11. Napolitano is not really FOX news, that would be Reilly and O'hannity, but close enough where the truth will come out and I will still be called crazy because I am saying we are going back to a Gold and Silver standard and that Silver will be well over $1000oz.

Apmex-low cost retailer of Gold and Silver. Get the Silver will be the price of Gold today in less than a year.

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