Wednesday, December 29, 2010

We Need a Libertarian Superhero

He or she will need to be tall, good looking with a wit and a razor tongue. Hyper-intelligent and a steel will and pristine character. Who will emerge from the shadows to destroy the NWO? Who will be that nail that gets hit first? Who will it be? the place for the peace flag of the original republic-de jure.

Silver, Silver, Silver, get your silver. Turn that worthless paper into Gold, I mean Silver the new gold or the poor man's gold and women too. Dogs can wear silver collars as well as your girlfriend. That was not politically correct. Fuck it, I will leave it there.. Paul Bea- Monex 800-949-4653 x2172 referral Kevin uscivilflags, I will get some shekels to pay the temple tax.

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