Saturday, February 19, 2011

Global Revolution Brewing Even in the USA- Max Keiser-

The economic system collapse is triggering mass rebellions around the world. People are saying fuck it and stop paying their mortgages in mass. There is a movement in the US to walk away from mortgages and let the banks try to get their properties. The failure of banks to provide the documents to Prove they own the properties is causing the People to stand up. The good news for the people is the right to bear arms still exists, in America and the backlash may be a little more vigorous here than in the middle east.
Max Keiser's Buy Silver, Crash JP Morgan campaign is having a massive impact as the price of Silver just hit a 30 year high. Remember Silver has not broken it's all-time high of $50oz back in 1980. The bull market in Silver will begin at $50. To get in on the Silver craze, I use Monex. Paul Bea is my account rep. He is extremely knowledgable about Silver and Gold. His number is 800-949-4653 x2172 is supporting the return of a sound money system backed by gold and silver as well as a de Jure Common law government. The re-education of the American people about the true nature of our Sovereignty is our number one goal.

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