Thursday, March 6, 2008

Short History of the Sons of Liberty Flag

The Sons of liberty flag was created in 1767 by Samuel Adams up in Boston. The flag was hung on the Liberty Tree, which became famous for being the site of the Stamp Act rebellion. The Rebellious Stripes flag was 9 Red and White vertical striped flag. The Sons of liberty flag origin goes back to the Vikings; where a war ship named the Drakkur, or Dragon ship flew the flag. Was the flag with vertical stripes a way of rebelling against the British East-India company? The British East India company was the one with the Tea that the Sons of Liberty dumped into Boston harbor.
The British East India company flew a flag called the Grand Union flag which later became the flag of the American Revolution in 1775! That flag was a horizontal Red and White flag with a British Jack in the upper left canton. This was the flag that was flown during the entire American Revolution, not the Betsy Ross flag that was so prominently displayed in the film the Patriot starring Mel Gibson.

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