Sunday, March 28, 2010

U.S. Civilflags Newsletter: Healthcare Disaster, the Propaganda War and some Solutions

Yes, the battle to save the concept of a Republic and personal Sovereignty is raging right now. We are in the middle of a Propaganda blitz that has been going on full-blown for two complete generations now. The media has lost all shred of objectivity and has just become the mouthpiece for the Public Policy makers of the Corporate government of the UNITED STATES. Obama is the CEO of this corporation extracting whatever wealth he can. The Health care swindle is just another tax under a different guise. The enforcement will be implemented via the IRS, which would be kinda funny, except for the fact that they are now going to be military trained. I am one of those under-insured people that supposedly Obama is going to help. Well, his help is granting me the privilege of forcing me to pay for my own non-performing insurance policy that I don't want nor will ever use.
I am an alternative medicine nut that like to use zappers and take buffered vitamin C by the spoonful. If fact my main goal is not just to get sick, but reverse the whole damn aging process which I view as a disease. The passage of the health care bill is the fundamental attack on the concept of Liberty. Forcing someone to engage in commerce is not even remotely related to any power that has been granted to the federal government. First off, the Federal Government territorial jurisdiction only applies within federal territories. That is the district of Columbia, Puerto Rico and Guam, U.S. Virgin Islands, Guantanamo bay and maybe your local post office. The story begins and ends with jurisdiction. The little scam the IRS uses to get you under the jurisdiction is a change of address to a federal territory in their encoded IRS master file that they have on you when you file one return. They have no authority within the sovereign states. You mailing address is your corporate fiction, not your true address within a Sovereign republic that can be found at the country records office. Their swiss cheese argument of the commerce clause is like finding a fragment of the dead sea scroll and being able to extrapolate a whole legal argument around it. (Article I, Section 8, Clause 3). The clause states that the United States Congress shall have power "To regulate Commerce with foreign Nations, and among the several States, and with the Indian Tribes". Courts and commentators have tended to discuss each of these three areas of commerce as a separate power granted to Congress. It is common to see the Commerce Clause referred to as "the Foreign Commerce Clause," "the Interstate Commerce Clause," and "the Indian Commerce Clause," each of which refers to a different application of the same single sentence in the Constitution. No where in the Federal Constitution is there any mention of regulating an inhabitant commercial activities. An inhabitant is someone that resides on the land as defined in the Articles of Confederation which happily is still an operative legal document in this country. The erroneously legal conclusions that the 14th amendment super cedes the Articles of confederation is like sayings the book of acts, wipes out the Ten Commandments because it was written after the Ten Commandments.
It is a basic premise of law that the oldest law prevails and in this case; it would actual be the Ten Commandments, followed by the Magna Carta and then the Declaration of Independence. The Declaration of Independence is actually the law of the land, not the U.S. Constitution which are the limits of the federal governments and the law of federal territories. There is a reason why the Moses the Lawgiver hangs over the head of the Supreme Court Justice, it is not just for decoration. State Constitutions are the laws within states. Understand how the parts fit together. If you understand the logic of math, you should be able to grasp how the law actual operates. Law is the function of creating harmony, not irrational and conflicting premises. If you follow the letter of the law, you will find that there is virtual harmony. You are mislead into believing that the law does not say what it means because you listen to the interpreters of the laws, the liars which is the definition of lawyer. Lawyers lie and they don't work for you; they are agents of the British Crown. The American Bar is incorporated in the City of London. If you create a law that conflicts with earlier law, that law is null and void, not the earlier law. You have a duty not to obey the law, that is in the declaration of Independence which is the law of the land. Remember any power not GRANTED to the states is reserved for the people. Governments operate under our privilege, not the other way around.
There is a great little Phamplet written by recently deceased Eustace Mullins called the Great Betrayal. (Scroll down at the bottom of page) that explains the Commerce clause. Knowledge is power, you will need it as much as faith over the next year. The Great Betrayal The General Welfare Clause of the Constitution. A 36 page phamplet written by Eustace Mullins protege of Ezra Pound and writer of the Secrets of the Federal Reserve, the original book spurring the revival of the common law movement and the re institution of Jeffersonian principals over the fraudulent Federalist movement. This incredible phamplet hits the target to show how the internationalists/Communist infiltrators within our government, have perverted the General Welfare clause of the united States to create a Welfare state based on entitlements and privileges rather than a nation based on the rule of law and Rights. A must read for the aspiring patriot, will shed light on the lies of the judicial dragons.
Now I was disheartened and depressed after hearing the health care bill was passed and I know all about Sovereign processes. The mind control in this country is that strong; I have completely grown up under this corporate fiction; to think that I am still not affected by the talking heads is erroneous. The media lies, that is their job to control your mind. They are the 4th estate and they have done their job very well. Colonel Dupree who has passed away told me a few years back; that there is a rebellion taking place within the military to restore the Republic and that it is based within the joints chiefs of staff. He told me years ago that there would be no war in Iran and that the U.S. military had separated themselves from Israel. He also said that what was in the media was 90% lies and that you should ignore it. This of course is difficult to do; we all want validation for our belief systems. However if you view the mainstream media as Tokyo Rose, you may have a better time handling what comes out from them. I have recently gotten a bunch of the Secrets of the Federal Reserve in Hard cover direct from the Mullins estate. This is one of the foundational books within the Patriot community and will become a collector item if we ever actually succeed in Restoring the Republic. I will be selling the Secrets of the Federal Reserve for $20 each with $5 shipping. This special is available only through my list. You can purchase through the link in this email or I can send you a customized paypal invoice if you would like additional products. Remember to buy Silver as the value of the dollar plummets. Purchasing even one coin will help bring back the concept of a Republic it is more valuable than peace marches. The ultimate form of protest is the accumulation of God's money.
Now on another note, I ran across a website that is promoting a Restoration of the Republic via a Military-backed intervention. Now the plan on paper sounds good; the real question is if the actual have the support of the Military at the highest of levels, which would mean Gates and Mullins. Are these Patriots blowing smoke or is there any real substance, according to them all 50 governors are being served with notices that we are going back to a De jure government. The plan is supposed to take effect within the next two weeks, so we will see relatively shortly if there is any substance here.
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