Monday, May 31, 2010

BP Oil Spill Can Be Cleaned Up In Six Weeks: Micro-organism

The BP Gulf Oil Well Spill is a terrorist Attack on America. The Solution to the immense environmental damage needs to be implemented now. There is a micro-organism that can metabolize Oil in 6 weeks and render the by-products harmless. This is way beyond using hay to soak up the contaminants. The micro-organism dies after they eat the oil. As much as I would like to see Oil rain on Washington with the upcoming hurricane season; the implications for rampant disease and crop failure are enormous and are most likely another Illuminati attempt to take over America. This solution has already been successfully used on open sea oil spill in Texas over 15 years ago.

Please circulate this video to everyone you know. If you are a fisherman that has been affected by the ban of fishing and your livelihood is threatened; you may want to get directly involved and dump the micro-organism yourself. We as Sovereign Americans do not need to approval of a bunch of corporate fools to get this cleanup job done. The responsibilty as guardians of the planet's ecology falls on every person. The non-actions of the government is a sign of complicity in this attack upon the American people.
Their is a website and an email address that you can contact to purchase the micro-organism perhaps, I do not know if the micro-organism it is available to the public.

contact email Fast becoming the Sovereign American Flag.

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