Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Celente: Rise of Progressive Libertarianism in 2011

Gerard Celente predicts the rise of progressive libertarians. Let's see what they can do. Cyber-terrorism is the next great angle to shut down the internet. The cause though of this disaster known as planet earth is the Federal Reserve system. End the Fed and you end the NWO. I will keep being a broken record and tell you to buy silver. Get out of all forms of paper now, if you want to stop the endless wars and assaults on your freedom. It is the ability of the bankers to create money at will that gives them the finances to have you locked up, shot at beaten and taxed to death. Stop thinking you are gonna be the next billionaire and act like a little termite and eat away at that foundation of fakery and strip nero butt-naked that then drink beer off his ass like you did in college.
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