Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Captain Kirk Beats NWO in 1967 Star Trek Episode

The divide and conquer tactics of the NWO have been taking place for over 2000 years. In this Star Trek episode Captain Kirk demonstrates how to defeat the NWO by ceasing the fomented Wars by the hidden 3rd party. The Federal Reserve System is the beast in the book of Revelations. To end the Fed, we must stop buying into the lies and see the truth behind the curtain. The earthquake in Japan was a Haarp generated event designed to punish the Japanese for leaving the dollar and the NWO. Benjamin Fulford predicted an earthquake from the Bush/Rockefeller cabal on Japan near a nuclear reactor.
These creatures need to be apprehended and exposed, focusing not on the tragedy but on the events behind the scenes that have created this event will expose the perpetrators to the light of day. We have the power to do so now with focused intent. Now is not the time to freak out, but calmly respond and pray with effective thoughts and actions. We need faith above all else that this is the end of the line of an entity that has been with us for a very long time in many different shapes and forms.
You may want to consider buying Iraqi dinars as that may be the mechanism that launches a worldwide currency movement back to gold and silver. Of course you should also keep buying Silver as the price has dropped as a result of the earthquake and Tsunami in Japan. There is a hidden co-ordination between events, look for the hidden patterns.
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