Sunday, March 20, 2011

U.S. Military Again Does The Bidding For The Banking Cabal

The Nobel Peace Prize winner has launched his first immoral and illegal war with the sanction of the Federal Reserve system. We have a massive devastatiing event in Japan with perhaps 100,000 dead and a potential nuclear meltdown that could effect the whole world and make Japan un-inhabitable and what does the foreign born Presidente do? Launch an imperialistic war against Libya to seize the Oil and water supplies of Libya.
There were 112 Cruise missiles launched against Libya. The U.S. military has just taken 59,000 oz of Silver off the market permanently. I am sure they were all military targets, like hospitals and schools. The banking cabal is apparently getting quite desperate; why not turn the screws on them and buy up the remaining Silver stock. For every dollar the price of Silver goes up, JP Morgan loses millions. Of course, the Fed will back them up; but you are creating real wealth out of the fraud of fiat currency. With real wealth their is power to remove these parasites and send them back where they belong.

Paul Bea Monex 800-949-4653 x2172 Use Kevin from as a referral.

Congrats to the Obama, he is the front runner for dictator of the year.

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