Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Iraqi Dinar Prophecy

#035 Investments for Eternity, Pt 1 (Investments In Your Future & The Future of Earth); Guest Brother George Robinson from WorldImprovement on Vimeo.

Currency Revaluation is the secret of the money changers. Start a war, make the currency worthless, then reconstruct the country and revalue the currency up to the previous level before the war. It is the Rothschild blueprint. Due to the age of the internet, you can now utilize the banker plan to your advantage. I am starting to think the Iraq war was a method to take out the Federal Reserve by the U.S. Military. War is never good, but this war may have been an end-game strategy to take out the banker parasites. George Robinson a Christian preacher makes a prediction that the Iraqi dinar will revalue between May 29th to June 1st. It is interesting that he called the price of Silver dropping from $50oz to $35. He says this will be short-lived and watch for Silver to run to $250oz by next year.
A number of my friends of been getting dreams of a Iraqi currency revaluation, three of them to be exact. The dinar may be the mechanism to take back American. You need to listen to the video to hear George's rate for the dinar. It is high. Start listening at the 45 min mark for his predictions on Silver and up to 60 min mark for the dinar predictions.

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