Friday, May 6, 2011

Ron Paul Now or Never- 2012


Representative Ron Paul established himself at the forefront of the Tea Party movement in the first Republican Presidential debate in Greenville, South Carolina. The debate has more and more establishment figures wondering if this might be the perfect political storm for the Texas congressman and obstetrician.

Every issue seemed to be running his way during the debate. Paul was even asked by reporters: "Congressman Paul, a lot of folks consider you the founding father of the Tea Party movement. Now, Congresswoman Michele Bachmann has founded and heads up the Tea Party Caucus in the House. Has she eclipsed you?"

Congressman Paul replied: "Well, she's not here tonight, so she hasn't quite done that. We attend Tea Party meetings together, and of course, the Tea Party movement was started during the last campaign when there was a special day where they raised $6 million dollars spontaneously."...

It's time that Ron Paul sheds his Clark Kent persona and becomes the Superman... Sons of Liberty Ron Paul patches available here.

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