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Credit River Decision: Federal Reserve Notes Are Not Money!

This case happened way back in 1968, but is one of the foundational cases for the patriot movement to re-assert their Sovereignty against the forces that like to think the Commercial Code is the law of the land and not the law of the fictitious Strawman.
Jerome Daly was from Savage Minn. and a close friend of mine.
The "Credit River" decision (was) where a jury in a Justice of the Peace court trial
found that Federal Reserve Notes were not Moneys of Account of the United States
and the court in his opinion found them to be 'FRAUDS'.

This case was on Dec. 7, 1968 before Justice Martin V. Mahoney of Credit
River Minn. and I was an associated Justice since Justice Mahoney had never
tried a jury trial and I was asked by "Chief Justice of the Minnesota Supreme
Court, Oscar Knutson, (commonly known as "King Knute") to assist Justice
Mahoney, since the Bank of Montgomery was represented by an attorney, and
Jerome Daly was an attorney, and the case was about "Failure of Consideration"
by a bank in a mortgage foreclosure on Jerome's cabin at Prior Lake, Minn..

Justice Mahoney declared that only "Gold and Silver Coins" were moneys of
account of the United States, and that the Constitution is still the LAW
today. "No state shall make any "THING" but Gold and Silver Coin a tender in
payment of debts..."

And of course since the Federal Government had been given only 18 to 20
powers under the Constitution it was a "Limited Government", and according to
the 9th and 10th amendments the states and the people were Sovereign, and
retained for themselves all of the other rights not specifically given to the

When news of the jury's decision was picked up by Vern Myers and written
about in his newsletter, "Myers Finance and Commerce" and sent world wide the
whole world was afraid to accept FRAUDS and it got so big that they had
Justice Mahoney killed within 6 months and Jerome and I had a couple of close
calls too.

I've published the book: "The Credit River Decision" for 20 years now, but
sold my last copy about 6 months ago, since like Waco, no one was interested
in it after the Govt put their "SPIN DOCTORS' to work to try to discredit it.
This like the "Special Appearance" really needs to be studied to learn the
real truth about our "Funny Money" system of creating Money "Out of thin Air"
by the Banksters.

During the trial, on cross examination the President of the "Bank of Montgomery"
testified that the banks regularly "create money out of thin air."

Jerome asked the Bank President:
"If you were just opening up your bank and no one had yet made a deposit,
and I came into your bank, and wanted to take out a loan of $18,000.00,
could you loan me that money?

When the Bank President said, "Yes."
I thought the jury would faint.

Jerome than said , "Does this mean that you can create money out of thin air?"

The Bank President said: "Yes. We can create money out of thin air."

Justice Mahoney then said "IT SOUNDS LIKE FRAUD TO ME" and everybody in the
court room nodded their heads indicating that they agreed with Justice Mahoney.
The jury went out and returned a verdict in favor of Jerome Daly on the basis
that the Federal Reserve Notes were not legal and valid consideration for a
mortgage note contract.
Those that have a copy of "The Credit River Decision" just won't part with
it, and it's too expensive to print just a few copies, so I really don't know
where you'll get a copy.

Good luck on your case, and I hoped that I helped you a little.

Bill Drexler Source

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