Monday, February 23, 2009

U.S. CivilFlag Newsletter: Debt Elimination with the IRS, More on Gold

May we live in interesting times, as the chinese curse saying goes. The stock market is crashing, it went down another 200 points today. The military is preparing for Civil unrest, no matter who wins the election and a market shutdown this week. They are predicting a market drop of 2000-3000 points that will trigger an automatic shutdown. Barack Obama may not even be a U.S. citizen, the Hawaiian governor, Linda Lingle is now suppressing the release of Obama's birth certificate. I guess the People do not have a right to know where our President originated from. We of course need to take a urine test, get finger-printed and have a background check done for an $8 per hour job at walmart.
Of course we are really talking about the corporate CEO of the UNITED STATES CORPORATION, not the President of these united states. I have been playing around with attempting to release my corporate debt for the last few years. I initially tried something called the Bills of exchange which was an attempt to eliminate my credit card debt using the Social Security number attached to a Treasury account. The process appeared to work for up to 60 days, I had about $125,000 cleared for two months. One day, all the charges reappeared on all my 9 credit card statements as they did for about 100 other people who were utilizing the process. I got so frustrated that I abandoned the process and went the old fashioned route and declared bankruptcy. The irony here is that I needed to bring in my Social Security card to the Bankruptcy hearing. I presumed that they used that card to discharge the debt. All the Sovereign info on discharging debt flows from HJR-192, the bill to revoke the Gold standard. This was the beginning statutory law to implement the facilitation of the bankruptcy of the UNITED STATES government. It has nothing to do with us at all, it is a artificial corporation bankruptcy in commerce under the Admiralty law, which is the law of seizure. All attorneys practice the law of seizure, it is their job to sieze your stuff back to the creditors.
I kinda of abandoned the approach for a while of discharging my debt using the Treasury because it seemed like no matter what someone did, the banks just ignored the legal processes. I have followed the Sovereign debt elimination people though for the last several years, looking for someone that may have successfully accomplished it. Recently, I listened to a broadcast my a woman named Mary Croft, she is another one that claims she can eliminate debt using the Treasury account tied to the SS#.
Her method is a variation of the theme, but with an enforcement recourse of using the IRS to act as your agent, yes the IRS. It is the IRS job of balancing the books of the commercial code system. By submitting a form known as the 1099 OID, according to Mary Croft and a few other patriots, one can discharge your purchases by using the unlimited credit that was created when you were incorporated with your Birth certificate and your Treasury account attached to the SS#. You are essentially a bonded slave with the Birth certificate and the SS#. The government and the Banks have been using your credit illegally without any recompense. It is the job of the IRS to balance the books and provide the recourse.
The IRS, Banks and the Government are all run by people who do not understand the system in it's entirety, they do not understand that debt is not Money, I don't really get it, but after 5 years of playing around with the concepts, something is starting to seep in. I have my issues with the underlying philosophy about this system, but it is the one in place so I might as well understand how to utilize it. I do not have the answers, and have not seen anyone that has actually done the process with real verifiable results, this had been the biggest drawback. The system as it stands now is a double-negative, you have a credit side which is created from your signature on a piece of paper that is backed, not by gold but a bond in your name. You buy something on credit, the banks now debit your account and reduce your credit line, but then then ask you to replace that credit with debt notes or more credit from another source, even though you were the one that created that credit in the first place via your SS# attached to your bank account and the hidden U.S. Treasury account.
As for the Civilflags, I had added three more Ron Paul books which are Out of Print books that have just been re-printed all on Gold and Sound Money. The Case for Gold is a result of Ron Paul serving on the Gold Commission in 1982, it explains the history of Gold in America and explains how the breakdown occured.
The Pillars of Prosperity is a compilation of Ron Paul speeches and writings on Economics in Congress over the last 25 years.

Ron Paul is a master of the topic and the nation's teacher on a vast range of economic issues. He addresses monetary policy during critical times such as the late 1970s inflation mania, and was a lone voice pointing to the real cause of Federal Reserve monetary policy.

Whereas most members of Congress are intimidated by Fed officials, Paul's confrontations with Greenspan are documented here word for word. In addition, he reveals the social and economic effects of loose credit, and shows the ill-effects of bailouts. He addresses high taxes, regulation, trade restrictions, and bravely denounces sanctions against foreign countries for fueling international tensions.
He also explains his view of free trade, for the real thing but against misnamed treaties that embroil international traders in bureaucracy.
He covers welfare, bureaucracy, war, and a a host of other economic topics in what is surely the most comprehensive, intelligent, and revealing book on economics ever written by a U.S. political figure -- all informed by the Austrian tradition of thought that has so influenced his thinking.
Gold, Peace and Prosperity is a plan to bring about a Gold-backed dollar. Ron Paul also helped work on the site that I sponsor and maintain called It is a bill that was presented before the New Hampshire State legislature by State Rep, Henry McElroy. The bill was called to a vote and was defeated by a narrow margin, mostly due to Henry's lack of procedural knowledge about voting. Today, four years later as a result of the Ron Paul's war against the Federal Reserve, there are now 40 free staters running for State Congress in New Hampshire. The bill should gain new life in the January session, especially with the collapse of the dollar and a potential for a worldwide economic depression. The gold bill can be downloaded and presented to other state legislatures in any state in the Union. It was prepared by Dr. Edwin Vieira, the man who wrote Crashmaker about a Ron Paul like character winning the Presidency off the collapse of the Stock Market.

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