Sunday, February 22, 2009

U.S. CivilFlags Newsletter: The Crash is Here, Martial Law next?

Well, The Troubles have finally arrived. A high level military contact of mine told me about a potential banking collapse in Sept and October in March of this year. He said there may be Martial Law, he also told me that 90% of what is in the media is pure fiction. There are two kinds of Martial Law, one where the Navy runs the show and one where Blackwater/Homeland Security does. Neither one is of course good, but with the Naval scenario, there may be some bad guys being locked up within the Bush Admin. Now, I believe nothing till I see it, but there still is a glimmer of hope.
It has been the Navy Admirals that have been the only voice of sanity in this most corrupt of all governments. Admiral Fallon, the former head of CenterCom resigned his post rather than launching a sneak attack on the Iranians. 16 U.S. Intelligence agencies, last year leaked a report that the Iranians did not have any Yellow-cake, crumb-cake or any kind of Nuclear Weapons program at all. This was at a time when Bush was talking about launching a first strike Nuclear attack against the Iranians. The Iranians like the Iraquis are absolutely no threat to the U.S. at all. They are a small country with no Navy and very little of an Air Force.
The Minot Airforce base missing Nukes episode last summer was another instance of alleged Nuclear hit arranged by Dick Cheney. Two Air Force Generals were removed by defense secretary Gates as a result of the episode; Secretary of the Air Force, Michael Wynn and Chief of Staff of the Air Force, Michael Moseley. Think about it, two of the highest ranking Military Generals were asked to resign for a supposed accident by underlings.
The alleged suicide of General Thomas Tinsley, who was the XO to Michael Moseley, and was also known as the "keeper of the secrets". General Tinsley was stationed at Elmendorf AFB in Alaska. Former Top US Air Force Brigadier General Thomas L. Tinsley, who was in the North American Aerospace Defense Command (NORAD) on September 11, 2001 and failed to alert American Military Forces to the ongoing attacks was found dead with a gunshot to his chest and stated in the US propaganda media to have been a suicide.
The point here is that there is a major war taking place within the government for control. We are not alone, there are some good guys out there. But what do we need to do? How can we help reclaim America? Defend your family and your home first. The right to bear arms shall not be infringed.. forget what comes after that statement. That is for lawyers, what did Shakespeare say about Lawyers...?
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Jason Hommel has an really excellant Newsletter on Silver,
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I have added a few new products, one being pocket versions of the U.S. Constitutions.
I also have added CivilFlag Baseball Caps, 100% cotton and adjustable for $20. I intend to brand the Civilflag logo on as many different products as possible. The Civil flag image breaks down the blind patriotism programming in a very fundamental way. It is the mirror opposite of the Stars and stripes, like a negative on a photograph. Sometimes people get angry when the see the image and think that I am unpatriotic, often there is a resolution later on where the individual starts to ask real questions for the first time. The other phenomina that happens is most people think the Civil flag is the regular American flag, this happens in 90% of the time.
The Creature from Jekyll Island (scroll down to bottom on link) has been never more timely than now, it tells the story of the creation of the Federal Reserve system and why the use of Fiat Currency never works. An incredible expose on the International Banking Cartel that has taken over America! A must read for all Americans, shows how our money system has been rigged as a Ponsi scheme.Griffith's story details the history of banking and Money from the American colonies through to contemporary society. Explains why the Founding fathers chose Gold as the basis of all money and why the use of fiat currency has led to the fall of every nation who has succumbed to it's temptations. This book is the basic text for all patriots seeking remedies to mortgage and credit card fraud.
The novel Crashmaker, where a Libertarian Candidate wins the U.S. Presidency and where Russia is the first to bring back a Gold standard. Recently, there was an article talking about Russia converting to the Gold standard.
An Opus, an historical review of American Banking, the answer to Ayn Rand's Atlas Shrugged. Crashmaker's can be read as a novel or a textbook, it contains virtually everything you need to become a truly informed American Patriot defending the Republic from the New World Order. A visionary novel of Shakespearean proportions, a must, must read if you consider yourself even remotely an American. Break the brainwashing of the socialist public school system, see character valued over compromise. To be a patriot today, you need heroism, courage, valour and the cunning of a coyote. Crashmaker can be your role-model, your consort, your confessor and even your prophetic leader. To be an American in the true and original intent of our founding fathers, you will need to become a radical, breaking from the consensus group mind. The tyranny in America is a tyranny without walls, unseen subtle manipulation undermining the American Spirit, chipping away at the foundation of the core ideaology of self-reliance and private ownership.

With Ron Paul running for President, this novel could not be more timely. A how to book to destroy the Federal Reserve and restore a Constitutional Republic. A must read for any Ayn Rand fan, seems like the natural sequel to Atlas Shrugged. This is a first edition copy only 3000 printed. On Mel Gibson's desk, may become a blockbuster film.

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Mark Herpel said...

Well I'm all in favor of free market currency as which is on the way in many states:

The GoldMoneyBill

[1] Indiana Bill SB 453

[2] Colorado House Bill 09-1206

[3] Washington State H-1127.1

[4] Missouri House Bill #561

[5] Georgia HB 430 - Constitutional Tender Act

[6] Maryland´s House Joint Resolution 5 HJR5

but Martial law and takeovers? I don't think so that is way way to far out.