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CAFR- The Basics of Government Ownership

It has taken me years to wrap my mind around the idea that the government is assuming control of everything. The idea that they are always crying poverty is to cover the facts that they are actually stealing our wealth. It's all about mis-direction and embedded corruption to the point that the people running the system; do not believe it is a crime.

The 1-2-3 "Basics" to fill in the comprehension void
by Walter Burien - 06/06/10

1. Those "rainy day funds" are a titled misdirection. In comparison with other funds held they are but the change jar you keep for your pocket change in.

2. For those that say the dollar is just paper and has no worth is like saying there is no water in the ocean. A currency is but a barter tool to acquire hard assets. Corporations, land, etc. Well, those dollars were used by government one bit at a time over decades too obtain "ownership" of those hard assets.

So if our currency changed to another or even if blue rocks were designated as the bartering tool, the bartering tool is not important, what is important is "Who" walked off with all the marbles at the end of the barter.

3. If I said: "You give me $100 a day and I will return $90 a day to you, does that seem like a fair deal to you? You would jump right on that deal correct? I don't think so..

Well, government has been doing the same thing with you since 1945 and than taking that extra $10 each year and investing it (acquiring ownership of it all one bit at a time) The private sector has been competing with government and loosing every time.

Now to add insult to injury: "The illusion of Government Debt" Well, they needed a place to put that extra massive investment wealth building each year, so: Government promoted /justified debt at the front door and then funds it with their own investment assets through the back door-

Years ago when I confronted the manager of the Missouri Finance Authority on that issue, his only reply was:"Look at what a good job we are doing managing the public's funds, we got them a quarter (1/4) percentage point lower than the could have gotten from the private sector."

That was true but was the real motive in part taking over ownership of one aspect of "it all" through investment?

Keep in mind there are several areas of investment: Domestic and international; equities (stocks, bonds, cash loans); and real-estate (apartments, condo complexes; office buildings; etc.)

Real wealth is Gold and Silver as money. To start to de-construct the system, start buying precious metals. Monex is the low-cost precious metal retailer. Paul Bea Monex- 800-949-4653 x2172 mention Kevin from to help support this site.

Government in collective totals has been locking in their ownership thereof each year now for over seventy years one bit at a time. Just remember there are only so many nickels in a dollar and government in its collective mass large and small has been locking in their 5% each year now for how many years?

Per this issue of: "Silence is Golden" the silence with all things being considered is getting lethally deafening. Source
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