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Is the Government Bankrupt? The Prince and the Pauper

Is Our Government Bankrupt?

by Walter Burien - 05/10/10

Analogies are fun to use:

Is the Colombian cocaine cartel short of cocaine?

The most important things to look at per government are the basics:

1. What was the income of that local government in 1998 - 2002 - 2005 - 2007 - 2010

EXAMPLE: Now if Bill Gates had a net worth and income of:

•In 1998 a net worth of 51 billion and 4 billion income.
•Then in 2002 a net worth of 56 billion and 5 billion income.
•Then for 2005 a net worth of 62 billion and income of 7 billion
•Then in 2007 a net worth of 71 billion and income of 8 billion
•But then in 2010 his net worth dropped to 65 billion and his income was now 6 billion, would he be crying "bankrupt"? (Numbers are for example use only):
Let's present this information above in two ways.

The first will be the way the government is presenting it:

1. Our income in 2010 has dropped down by almost 25% from 2007 and our losses brought our net worth down by 6 billion dollars, we have been severely damaged by the weakened economy since 2007 and must fire employees, raise taxes, and cut back services...

And now for a reality look and check using different parameters:

2. Our income from 1998 to 2010 has increased by 2 billion dollars (50% INCREASE) AND our net worth has increased by 14 billion dollars (about 35% INCREASE)

So on example #2 the key questions to ask yourself are:

1. What was the population increase from 1998 to 2010? If it was 12%, 18%, 20%, or 25% government by the numbers is clearly in the black.(in most cases it was probably under 15%)

2. What was the "real" rate of inflation from 1998 now adjusted for 2010? If 10% to 20% by the numbers government STILL is clearly in the black.

3. The last primary factor to look at is: What was the average increase in the population's income from 1998 to 2010 for comparison with the governments income increase?

Now these are the basics which of course a complete vacuum and void is created in the minds of the population due to the money involved. Focus your attention here to determine if you have a government that is a "for profit and a take-over machine" or a government "representative of the people's interests"

I have looked many a times and know in advance you will not be pleased with what you find when you look.

What is the difference in the presentation of the bankrupt scenario? ANS: A bunch of spoiled and ruthless yuppies of which most are attorneys greasing the skids as they dot the "I's" and cross the "T's" walking with as much cash as they can today as they with a strong arm also lock in the productivity value of the next five to seven generations. Their presentation of prospective has worked easily and grandly for them over the last 70 years and there is nothing of any consequence stopping them as of today so the beat goes on!

Government "plays" great paupers to the media for presentation to the public while at the same time having the net worth of a million Bill Gates. The perspective you are spoon feed from your government is NOT in your interests but in theirs as the US / local government financial "empires" continues to expand Worldwide..

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