Wednesday, June 23, 2010

US Civilflags Newsletter: The Oil Spill and the End of Obama

It has been a wild and wacky few months. We have portents of War and Marshal Law abound. There is of course the massive Oil Spill that may turn the Gulf into the American version of the Dead Sea. The ramifications are enormous for America and the world both economically and environmentally. This is a terrorist act perpetrated by the banking cabal on the American people. If you remember that the Big Oil is intertwined with Big Fake Money. BP or British petroleum was originally an asset of the British crown the arch-enemies of America. Where we ever got this idea that Britain is our ally? I know where, don't need to go there at the moment. Standard Oil of New Jersey was originally the big Oil monopoly. Chase bank is the by-product of the Rockefeller Oil money.
The Silver lining in the Oil debacle is the destruction of the Obama administration. He will not survive the term. Even the liberal hosts such as Keith Olbermann are turning on him now. Big Bullshit Media is having to be-grudgenly become somewhat honest just to survive. I don't think there is much of a need for a libertarian to attack Obama anymore. The liberals will feed on his carcass quite nicely for
feeling betrayed. Sort of like marrying a hooker with a drug problem; what did you expect? He never actually defined any change anyway, but no one was actually listening except for the Ron Paulers, which have now formed the core of the Tea Party. The country is turning back to it's conservative roots as the great liberal experiment for the last 100 years is now almost at an end. At the end of the day, this is a alledged President that can not provide the basic documentation for being an American National. That is someone that is born on the land within one of the 50 Sovereign Nation States, well actually 48. Hawaii is post Commercial code creation and the last time I looked Kenya was not a U.S. territory. I am mixing the common-law with the laws of commerce, I know.
The Restore America Plan has un-officially adopted the UScivilflag as their identity to define their Sovereign rights. One does not need to use the Civilflag, one can make upm their own symbol
or adopt another American symbol; but the Civilflag is a very potent symbol since it is a mirror-image of the star and stripes and it does have a history rooted in the founding of the Republic via the
Rebellious stripes of the Sons of Liberty as well as the first UScivilflag created by the U.S. Treasurer in 1799, Oliver Wolcott. The first Civilflag never caught on because of two reasons; one was
economic, it was un-affordable compared to the stars and stripes and the other reason was a lack of knowledge of what the Civilflag meant. It defines America Sovereignty in a state of Peace and financially solvent. This has not occured since atleast the American Civil War. The Restore America Plan is attempting to revert to a Constitutional government before Lincoln annexed west virgina and created an ad hoc government; outside the rule of law. For their to be a legitimate Constitutional Government; the southern states needed to be represented.
I did know that the Civilflag was a very powerful symbol that was un-tainted. It is essentially a virgin symbol that can free the mind from blind patriotism; the last refuge of the scoundrel. When you begin to think for yourself, there is a creative flow of events that enters into one's life. You can meet life with courage, grace and joy. Life begins to take shape around one's personal vision. The third part in the grand American experiment is the pursuit of happiness. This can be done; even in the face of Tyranny, enbolded by a faith in God. I have added Sons of Liberty Hats and well as new Civilflag hats made from the patches. They are hand-sown by my two beautiful assistants Jennifer and Rosie. Wearing the symbol out in public does more than can imagine in de-programming the American people from the TV and the cult of worship of personality and subservience.
On a final note, I have been pitching Silver for quite some time. I have realized through the writings of Jason Hommel and lately Bix Weir of that Silver is about to explode to record highs not seen since the tulip craze in the 1600's. The suppression of Silver has been going on since we went fully off the gold standard in 1972 under Nixon. In the 1980's the Hunt brothers drove the price of Silver up to $50. The bankers came in and crushed the Hunt brothers and drove the price down to about $3. The Silver markets have been massively supressed ever since the high of $50. Where as Gold has moved past it's high of $880 in the 1980's, Silver has been languishing at under $20 for the last year. Traditionally there is a 16-1 ratio between Gold and Silver. The current ratio of Gold to Silver is 64-1. 64 oz of Silver gets you 1oz of gold. A 16-1 ratio of Gold to Silver would make the price $78 troy oz for Silver. The actual world Silver supply is now 8-1, due to industrial consumption. An 8-1 ratio is $157 oz for Silver. Now we have not even talked about the paper obligations for Silver and Gold that make the Comex look more like Monopoly money.
The achilles heel of the bankers is the tiny Silver market that can totally be taken over by a few smart American Sovereigns. For a low cost Silver supplier there is; if you can afford to buy atleast 100oz of Silver. Paul bea is my account rep. 800-949-4653 x2172 If you use my name as a referral, I get a few silver coins as a bonus. Kevin from


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