Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Showdown at the OK Corral...GOLDMAN VS GOLDBUG

Get ready for a rise in Silver and gold as the banking wars go into full gear. This is a war between the NWO fiat currency crowd and the Gold bugs most likely tied to the exiled Hapsburgs and other factions. I know it is mid-august and the dog days and maybe you are on vacation, but now is the perfect time to start buying Silver. Monex is the low-cost supplier, 800-949-4653 x2172 use Kevin as referral.

Bix Weir-

Well the battle has officially heated up today as Goldman Sachs released a MASSIVELY bullish report on Gold. Of course we all know what that means...GET READY FOR THE MONSTER SLAM!!!!

This all makes sense based on my TIME LINE article as the battle lines have been drawn and it is the banking cabal's LAST CHANCE to shed their short positions before they are taken out for good. All is going according to plan.

For those who aren't on the Private Road here's a sneak peek at what the TIME LINE says about the first part of August...



"Early - We should start to see the break down of the economic system starting as early as the second week in August. Keep an eye on the unemployment figures and yet unforeseen "problems" arising. The Obama market riggers who decided last year to implement the sustained market manipulation scam ( have been instructed by the Good Guys to "release" their official controls. Once Summers, Goolsbee and Geithner stop their official involvement it will be in the hands of the Primary Dealer Banksters and they have to try to skirt around the new regulations. Not an easy thing to do but they will try. Gold and Silver will start to trade erratically as the Good Guys and Bad Guys unleash dueling computer rigging programs...."

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It also makes sense because the cabal is at a low point on a Commitment of Traders analysis which is followed by most gold and silver bugs who try to buy the bottoms. I believe the Bad Guys are constructing a false bottom to get one final flush out using a massive amount of paper gold and silver derivatives...just like the take down two years ago. Just the way Blythe Masters and JP Morgan took silver down from $21 to under $9.

Watch what the Ice Queen of Silver Derivatives has to say about "derivative commodity manipulation"...

Or the way they took Natural Gas down from near $15 to under $5 (only 1 month after getting the green light to trade in Natural Gas from the Federal Reserve and making a few $Billion in the process.)

It's always the same for the BIG SLAMS. Make the sheeple BELIEVE we've bottomed out...let the market lemmings jump in and leverage up long positions...then pull the trap door releasing a mountain of derivatives all the while colluding with your bankster buddies to pull phony computer bids then cover shorts.

Does this matter to you? IT SHOULDN'T if you have been following the Road to Roota Letters as you should ONLY have physical gold and silver in your possession. No paper metal, no metal in storage accounts, no safe deposit boxes, no mining shares...NOTHING OUTSIDE OF YOUR OWN GRASP.

It's the only way to survive the coming calamity. You should NOT care if gold spikes to $5,000/oz or falls to $50/oz...these prices are not real. At $50/oz gold you won't be able to buy 1 physical oz anyway. It is the paper games played by the banking cabal and you should be ready to RIDE IT OUT for a few months.

So sit back. Enjoy the show. Follow the TIME LINE if you get scared.

For the end game points to a GLORIOUS FUTURE for our side!

Road to Roota

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