Tuesday, August 24, 2010

U.S. Silver Eagles The Best Hedge Against Tyranny

It is really quite simply, all the financial markets are of course rigged with derivatives and futures which are just another name for selling something that does not exist. The gold market is to big to crash for the American patriot, but the Silver market. There we have vulnerability to organized systematic purchases en masse to break free the price from fixing by J.P Morgan and Comex. There is a mere 1 Billion dollars in invest-able silver in the world give or take a few hundred million.
Currently the whole U.S. Silver production is 40 million oz. The U.S. Treasury is on pace to break the all-time record for U.S. Silver Eagles. July of 2010 was the 7th best month on record for U.S. Eagles sales coming in at 2,981,000 oz of Silver during a traditionally slow summer period. With a surge in the latter part of the year U.S. Eagle sales could top 40 million oz more than all the Silver mined in the U.S. Another little known fact is that U.S. Eagles sales need to come from Silver mined in the U.S. That means it is possible that the Mint may have to suspend Eagles sales later in the year driving the price of physical bullion through the roof. This would destroy all of the price fixing across the board with commodites from Gold to wheat. You are essentially putting the death kneel into the skull of the Federal Reserve bank. So if you are looking for a non-violent solution to remedy the corruption of the fiat currency system, buy up them eagles. For small purchases, I have found that provident metals is the best bet and for purchases over 100oz Monex is the man. Paul Bea is the account rep at Monex. His number is 800-949-4653 x2172. Use Kevin from Uscivilflags as referral, I get a couple of coins. Below are some factoids about U.S. Eagles.

In the brief twenty-four year period since its introduction, the American Silver Eagle has become the most widely traded silver bullion coin in the world, continuing silver’s five thousand year history of desirability and value. As a further testament to the American government’s belief in the soundness of these coins and their suitability as investments, American Silver Eagles were the only silver items of any kind allowed to fund Individual Retirement Accounts (i.e., IRAs) prior to 1997. Affordable, versatile, beautiful: the American Silver Eagle.
The American Silver Eagle is the only silver bullion coin in the world whose purity is guaranteed by the government of the United States. It stands at the summit of a two hundred year history of American silver coinage. The American Silver Eagle program was authorized by Congress in late 1985 with the first coins appearing the following summer. Since their introduction, over seventy million American Silver Eagles have been sold to collectors and investors around the world. As stipulated by law, American Silver Eagles are composed of silver mined exclusively in the United States with a purity of .999, making them the purest silver bullion coins ever minted and offered to the public by the United States. All American Silver Eagles are struck in the one troy ounce denomination with a stated face value of $1. They are substantial coins, measuring 40.6mm in diameter and 2.98mm thick, and have a heft befitting their quality.
The American Silver Eagle is considered by many to be the most beautiful coin in production today. It takes its design directly from one of the most popular and iconic coins in U.S. history, Adolph A. Weinman’s Walking Liberty half-dollar of 1916-1947. The reverse of the coin features a new design created expressly for the American Silver Eagle by John Mercanti, the chief engraver at the U.S. Mint. It depicts a proud heraldic eagle placed directly beneath thirteen stars representing the original thirteen colonies. By combining the classic with the modern, the American Silver Eagle coins are able to capture the unique spirit of our country: proud of our history while moving toward our future with purpose.

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