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U.S. Civil Flag Newsletter: Gold As Money is Picking Up Steam

I have another site, that was originally constructed for the New Hampshire Gold currency bill written Dr. Edwin Vieira and proposed by former NH State Rep. Henry McElroy. The bill did not pass at the time, but it did get about 35% of support from the New Hampshire state legislature. This was of course before, the Ron Paul movement and the massive growing awareness of the problems with the Unconstitutional Federal Reserve. This private banking cartel made up of the European nobility has cast a long shadow over the Republic. I have added End the Fed bumper stickers. (Scroll down) Abolish the fed like the good old days when people hid their money under their mattress and considered bankers
akin to criminals of the highest order. If you live in NYC like me you may be able to slap one of these bumper stickers on the car of an evil wall street tycoon or some low level banker sycophant. Did you know the federal reserve was created on christmas eve in 1913 with about a dozen members of congress present? Just because we have lived under the shadow of the fed for all of our lives does not mean that one day soon the glitter of gold will return as a basis of sound money.
Ron Paul and Dr. Edwin Vieira have known each other for over 25 years and Ron Paul did play a small part in the formation of the New Hampshire Gold currency bill. With the advent of Full-blown Socialism, first with Bush and now with Lenin's heir apparent there has been a reaction in the patriot community and middle America as a whole for a movement back to states rights and a libertarian form of government with limited taxation and no welfare and no government intervention into our lives at all. There are states declaring their Sovereignty from the Federal government, they are starting to realize they can ignore the dictates from Washington as if they were some sort of decree from the King. Remember we rebelled from that kind of management style over 200 years ago, just because Americans have been acting like bottom feeders looking for handouts and scared of our own shadow does not mean that we still do not have the blood of the vikings running through our veins.
One day we will look back and wonder why were such pussies for so long. The financial debacle is a blessing in disguise in that Americans no longer will be beholden to Corporaticism and Government handouts. Your 401K is now a 201K soon to become a 101, that is if you don't cut your losses and get out of denial. When one has lost everything, courage often is a by-product of Depressions. The world that we have been living in, is completely fraudulent, so the crash is actually a good thing in the long run, if not the short-term. Crashmaker, a novel by Dr. Vieira written under the pen name of Sperandeo is not just a novel but also a patriot handbook to understand the deceptions of the commercial system and to re-instill the values of the founding fathers. It is written in short chapters to act as a primer to study.
It is 2 volumes and almost 1600 pages.
I just opened Crashmaker up to Chapter 173 Sleeping Giants "If the government followed the Constitution, this country would enjoy a stable, prosperous economy based on Gold and Silver. But the government doesn't follow the Constitution. Instead, through the Federal Reserve, it engages in what's called monetary policy, a type of central economic planning.
"What's wrong with planning? asked the moderator. "It's better than Chaos."
"Central planning of money and banking is chaos," dos Santos shot back. Modern monetary policy forces the purchasing power of money down: Since 1913, Federal Reserve Notes have lost more than ninety percent of their value as against gold. Thus, monetary policy expropriates the holders of money and impairs the obligations of all contracts denominated in money- infringing on individuals rights of property and liberty, but with most of the victims unaware of what's going on, and without legal recourse even if they realized their plight. Moreover, monetary policy restructures the whole economy away from the free market towards socialism or corporativism.
Back to the New Hampshire Gold currency site, there has been additional Gold Bills submitted in Indiana, Missouri, and Colorado. Indiana's site is
The bill on is designed to be use for any state nationwide with minor alterations. You can take the bill to your local state rep, if you feel moved to do so, to begin the process of creating sound money. Federal Reserve notes are dead, it is only a matter of time before we move to a new Fiat currency scam such as the Amero, which is a North American Union note comprised of Canada, Mexico and the United States. You think we have problems now, wait to your are burdened down by the illegals 24/7 in your pocket. Which comes to my next point, if you really want to restore the Constitution, you need the engine upon which a Constitution sits and that is the currency. Gold is Freedom and Paper is Slavery. To restore a Constitution on a practical level means to begin to accumulate real wealth in the form of Gold and Silver. Right now is the time to amass Gold and Silver and hoard. By hoarding, you are taking power away the parasites in Washington and the Predators in the Banks. Every silver coin bought and stored is another arrow in the heart of the Beast known as The Creature from Jekyll Island, (scroll down) My Silver holdings have shot up $4 per ounce since the last newsletter. Silver and Gold are not investments, but actual wealth. The historical valuation between Gold and Silver is 16-1. With Silver @ $14.41 and gold @ $993, the ratio of Gold to Silver is 69-1. For Silver just to be at it's historical norms, the price of Silver would be $62 per oz.
If we go through a currency switch to the Amero or some other ponzi scam, then the price of Gold may shoot up to 25,000-50,000 per oz and Silver would be in the range of $2000-$5,000 per oz. 90% of the Gold and Silver is traded in the form of paper. Paper is not gold, it is a promise to pay. Now who is holding the Gold? The bankers? Do you think they have amortized Gold holdings the same way they have amortized there little pieces of monopoly money? You betcha, probably to the tune of the same 30-1 ratio that the banks are leverage currently. Buy Gold and Silver but take delivery of the physical metal and store it with your ammo, another commodity that may go higher than even gold. Or as my friend Greg says, if you got the lead, you can turn it into Gold and I don't need to be a goddamn Alchemist. For a great financial newsletter on Silver, there is Jason Hommel,
I get my Silver from,, they are very reliable fairly fast on delivery even with the Silver shortages.

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U.S. Civilflags Newsletter: More on Symbolism and Meaning

The Civilflag concept continues to pick up steam even in little ways. I go to this bar in the East Village called St. Dymphna's named after the patron saint of the mentally ill., it's appropriate, but that's a story for another day. Andy the bouncer, said hey that's a Civilflag patch. Where do you get them? I said I sell them. I also have Hats. He said let me get a Civilflag Hat. Well, Andy is the first person in public that has actually recognized the Civilflag for what it is. Sting the Lead singer from the Police, knew that his band was going to be successful when he noticed a busboy in a restaurant who was humming his song Roxanne, put out the redlight, Roxanne..
Well anyway, the important part of the Civil flag is not whether you understand consciously what it means, but unconciously. We think we are smart and in control of our lives, when the exact opposite is true. Can you control your heartbeat? Tibetan monks can and they learn this skill so they can gain the power to die consciously. They have the power to leave their body at will and not come back. They actually practice it to the point that death for the most part becomes a non-issue. If you are not afraid of dying, you can then get on with living. The civil flag out in public in all forms, like patches stickers ect, is a better form of persuasion than having a team of Jesuit Philosophy professors attempting to convince you that God does not exist.
The two new products I have added are Car Flags and desktop flags for I guess patriots that work in cubicles and you tube and twitter all day long. To get back to Andy, I go into St. Dymphna's and he says do you have another one of those Civil Flag hats, I have a bunch of Ex-military that are interested in the Civil Flag. We get into the conversation and it turns out that Andy distant relative was the first American, numero uno. He is of dutch ancestery and New York was first founded by the Dutch East India company. I said, wow that is a heavy burden, I said you know you are probably not destined to work here very long. He said I know.
I believe there is an unseen hand guiding the realization of a True Republic based on Sound moral principals. You may not see it right now, but I do if you no where to look. I was in Starbucks yesterday as well reading the NY Post so I could get the movie listings for Wolverine. Did you know that the NY Post has shrunk? Like 25% and it was thin like one of those phamplets on Alien invasions. Maybe the NY Post is going to become a phamplet in the sense of Thomas Paine? What do you think? I think at this point that they are headed to becoming a trifold brochure. They will be a merger of all the major newspapers and they will have one tri-fold brochure, they will just change the title. There will be one source, AP or is it A&P, no they are out of business.
So before the movie I go to Borders next door to Kips Bay theatre. I always like to search for something new, I sniff things out I am looking for new manifestations from the matrix. The world is maya, it's an illusion things are worked out from the inside to the outside. So when we get scared in the fun house, we are not understanding the source of the manifestation, like Air-force 1 flying over ground zero for a photo-op. Sure, not even I will buy that one. The NY Post did have a story about using photoshop to put the plane in the picture rather than doing it live. But, of course the only reason the post ran that story is to give legitimacy to the idea that the cover story is true.
In Borders there is this book called the Unincorporated Man. It is about a guy that wakes up from a 100 year old sleep and is the only man that is not incorporated or owned by other people, sound familiar? In this futuristic novel people are represented by shares. You can buy shares in yourself, if you think you are worth the risk. If you gain majority ownership, you can become partial self-determinate. Of course if your stock goes up, it just got more expensive to buy back yourself. Are you following me here, well anyway if looks like a really interesting book, plus I had a 40% discount so I plunged on the hardcover. With books I am like a crackhead, I just buy them, at-least they are not all Catcher in the Rye.. Remember the Car flags......

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