Friday, February 2, 2018

The Collapse of the Federal Reserve Note is Here. Sit on Bit! Interest Bearing Bitcoin Wallet 4% a Year

The international financial system is changing, we are moving to partial Gold backed currencies. Bitcoin and other crypto-currencies are going to be a part of the new financial system in some shape or form. As the Federal Reserve note collapses internationally, a massive amount of money is going to be flooding into alternatives such as Gold and Silver as well as Bitcoin and it's alternatives. If the Germans had an alternative to the German Mark during the Weimar Republic, we most likely would not have had World War II or Adolph Hitler's rise to power. During the Weimar Republic, hyperinflation was moving so fast that you could go to a cafe for a cup of coffee pay one price. If you decided an hour later to get a second cup, the price most likely doubled. Right now, we are still in the early stages of a collapse, our financial system is currently being held up by electronic money printing by the Federal Reserve Bank and high-speed computer systems run by the Exchange Stabilization Fund. The price rigging of the stock market and commodities such as Silver will one day, abruptly end. If you are not hedged in other assets it will be too late. Bitcoin is one of those assets that did extremely well in the recent collapse of the Venezuelan economy. Bitcoin did so well in fact, that Venezuela is coming out with it's own Petro-backed CryptoCurrency. As we go through this revolution in the nature of banking system and the transfer of currency. Bitcoin wallets will become as common as cell phones. Everyone will have most likely a Bitcoin wallet on their phone. Freebitco is an online Bitcoin wallet that pays interest like an old passport savings account. The interest is 4% a year, better than any current bank rate. The Bitcoin transfer fees are the lowest of any wallet on the market.