Sunday, March 20, 2011

U.S. Military Again Does The Bidding For The Banking Cabal

The Nobel Peace Prize winner has launched his first immoral and illegal war with the sanction of the Federal Reserve system. We have a massive devastatiing event in Japan with perhaps 100,000 dead and a potential nuclear meltdown that could effect the whole world and make Japan un-inhabitable and what does the foreign born Presidente do? Launch an imperialistic war against Libya to seize the Oil and water supplies of Libya.
There were 112 Cruise missiles launched against Libya. The U.S. military has just taken 59,000 oz of Silver off the market permanently. I am sure they were all military targets, like hospitals and schools. The banking cabal is apparently getting quite desperate; why not turn the screws on them and buy up the remaining Silver stock. For every dollar the price of Silver goes up, JP Morgan loses millions. Of course, the Fed will back them up; but you are creating real wealth out of the fraud of fiat currency. With real wealth their is power to remove these parasites and send them back where they belong.

Paul Bea Monex 800-949-4653 x2172 Use Kevin from as a referral.

Congrats to the Obama, he is the front runner for dictator of the year.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Captain Kirk Beats NWO in 1967 Star Trek Episode

The divide and conquer tactics of the NWO have been taking place for over 2000 years. In this Star Trek episode Captain Kirk demonstrates how to defeat the NWO by ceasing the fomented Wars by the hidden 3rd party. The Federal Reserve System is the beast in the book of Revelations. To end the Fed, we must stop buying into the lies and see the truth behind the curtain. The earthquake in Japan was a Haarp generated event designed to punish the Japanese for leaving the dollar and the NWO. Benjamin Fulford predicted an earthquake from the Bush/Rockefeller cabal on Japan near a nuclear reactor.
These creatures need to be apprehended and exposed, focusing not on the tragedy but on the events behind the scenes that have created this event will expose the perpetrators to the light of day. We have the power to do so now with focused intent. Now is not the time to freak out, but calmly respond and pray with effective thoughts and actions. We need faith above all else that this is the end of the line of an entity that has been with us for a very long time in many different shapes and forms.
You may want to consider buying Iraqi dinars as that may be the mechanism that launches a worldwide currency movement back to gold and silver. Of course you should also keep buying Silver as the price has dropped as a result of the earthquake and Tsunami in Japan. There is a hidden co-ordination between events, look for the hidden patterns.
Paul Bea Monex for Silver 800-949-4653 x2172 Sits there in opposition to the defacto government, like Buddha sitting under the tree.

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Modern Day Hunt Brothers Buy Silver and Crush The Banks

This is a nice little video of peasants uprising against the Bankers. It is really difficult to stop the ant race and this is what is occurring with Silver. It is still so cheap and rare at the same time that there is a massive opportunity to transfer wealth from the evil bankers to the masses who are sick and tired of being jerked around. Get ahead of the curve and buy Silver currently at $36. It is going over $1000oz.
Right now grab as much as possible, sell your fake paper and get real money. A denari was a days wage. It was 1/10 of an oz. It will soon be a day's wage again and then some. Paul Bea @ monex is my silver guy. His phone number 800-949-4653 x2172 Use Kevin from Uscivilflags as a referral, I get a few shekels...

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

U.S. Civilflags Newsletter: The Year of Worldwide Revolution, Free Subliminal For Restoration of the Republic

We are now at the stage of a visible manifestation of divine restoration of the American Republic. During the Convention at the signing of the Declaration of Independence; there was the vacillation of the potential signers. They were afraid for their lives and rightly so, by signing the Declaration, all were guilty of high treason under British law. The penalty for high treason was to be hanged by the neck until unconscious, then cut down and revived, then disemboweled and cut into quarters. The head and quarters were at the disposal of the crown. Here is a short list of what happened to some of the original signers of the American Declaration of Independence.
*** Five Signers were captured by the British as traitors and tortured before they died.
*** Twelve had their homes ransacked and burned.
*** Two lost their sons in the Revolutionary Army and another two had sons captured by the British.
*** Nine of the original 56 fought and died from the wounds inflicted in battle.
*** Carter Braxton a wealthy trader and planter, saw his ships swept from the seas by the British and died penniless.
*** Thomas Mckeam was hounded by the British constantly, he died penniless after living a life on the run.
*** Vandals and British soldiers looted the properties of Dillery, Hall, Clymer, Walton, Gwinnett, Heyward, Ruttledge and Middleton.
*** Thomas Nelson Jr. had his home destroyed and he died broke.
*** Francis Lewis had his home and properties destroyed. The enemy jailed his wife and she died in a few months.
*** Norris and Livingston lost their homes.
*** John Hart was driven from his wife's bedside as she was dying. Their 13 children fled for their lives. His fields and gristmill were laid to waste. For a year he lived in caves and forests, returning
home to find his wife dead and his children vanished. A few weeks later he died from a broken heart.
What moved these men to sign was a speech given by an anonymous figure that appeared to them in the locked room. This man gave an impassioned speech that inflamed the hearts of the men and they rushed to sign the document abandoning their fears and surrendering to the better part of themselves. Below is an excerpt of that speech.
"Now executioners of the human race, kneel down, yes, kneel down upon the sawdust of the scaffold–lay your perfumed heads upon the block–bless the axe as it falls–the axe that you sharpened for the poor man's neck! "Such is the message of that Declaration to Man, to the Kings of the world! And shall we falter now? And shall we start back appalled when our feet press the very threshold of Freedom? Do I see quailing faces around me, when our wives have been butchered–when the hearthstones of our land are red with the blood of little children?"What are these shrinking hearts and faltering voices here, when the very Dead of our battlefields arise, and call upon us to sign that Parchment, or be accursed forever?"Sign! if the next moment the gibbet's rope is round your neck! Sign! if the next moment this hall rings with the echo of the falling axe! Sign! By all your hopes in life or death, as husbands–as fathers–as men–sign your names to the Parchment or be accursed forever!"Sign–and not only for yourselves, but for all ages. For that Parchment will be the Text-book of Freedom–the Bible of the Rights of Man forever!"Sign–for that declaration will go forth to American hearts forever, and speak to those hearts like the voice of God! And its work will not be done, until throughout this wide Continent not a single inch of ground owns the sway of a British King!"Nay, do not start and whisper with surprise! It is a truth, your own hearts witness it, God proclaims it.–This Continent is the property of a free people, and their property alone. God, I say, proclaims it!"Look at this strange history of a band of exiles and outcasts, suddenly transformed into a people–look at this wonderful Exodus of the oppressed of the Old World into the New, where they came, weak in arms but mighty in Godlike faith–nay, look at this history of your Bunker Hill–your Lexington–where a band of plain farmers mocked and trampled down the panoply of British arms, and then tell me, if you can, that God has not given America to the free?....GOD HAS GIVEN THE AMERICAN CONTINENT TO THE FREE–THE TOILING MILLIONS OF THE HUMAN RACE–AS THE LAST ALTAR OF THE RIGHTS OF MAN ON THE GLOBE–THE HOME OF THE OPPRESSED, FOREVERMORE!
When the signer's went to thank the man for his speech after they signed the document, he had vanished from the locked room. This was excerpted from Manley Hall's Secret Destiny of America, Chap. 17. Now today, we see revolution spreading the globe in Tunisia, Egypt and now Libya triggered by the new fourth estate, the internet community. That knowledge was first started here in America with books such as the Secrets of the Federal Reserve by the recently deceased Eustace Mullins. Other books such as the Creature from Jekyll Island have expanded upon the work of Mullins in exposing the banking cabal that currently runs the Defacto U.S. government. Ideas are the source of freedom and the knowledge of the banking cabal and the fraudulent UCC system that has been in place since 1954 is finally reaching a tipping point, where the people are now angry enough to pick up their pitchforks and muskets and take action to throw the usurpers from their thrones worldwide.
I have recently discovered an Adult cartoon in the vein of Southpark without the vulgarity; the cartoon called the American Dream succinctly explains the history of Money both Gold/Silver and Fiat currency. Grounding the information into your psyche is a necessary stage before one has the confidence to act on one new found beliefs. Courage is a byproduct of correct knowledge is absolutely necessary before one begins to have the will to act firmly on one's beliefs. For that reason I have created a subliminals to Restore the America Republic. You can download the subliminal for free here. I have a bi-urinal beat version and a silent version. It is using technology that has been traditionally used by nefarious Alphabet agencies to control and program us in negative ways.
1) The Declaration of Independence is the Law of the Land.
2) The American Republic is Restored.
3) Thank God for Restoring the America Republic
4) The United States of America monetary system is 100% gold/silver standard.
5) All Public Servants are obeying the laws of the land.
6) These united states of America are self-governing Sovereign countries
7) All Public servants shall honor their oaths of office
8) America is financially solvent and debt-free.
9) The Common-law is the law of the land.
10) Americans are free and Sovereign
11) The right to bear arms shall not be infringed
12) The American people have tremendous courage and resourcefulness.
13) Americans are honorable and courageous
14) The American inhabitants are Sovereign
15) The De facto United States Corporation is dissolved.
16) All debts of American inhabitants are forgiven

The Republic of the United States is not the only positive movement back towards a Constitutional government. Bix Weir of has been been talking about a planned crash of the Federal Reserve system and a return to gold/silver backed money. Bix's theory is that there is a group of people within the government are behind the movement back to gold and silver and that there may be people even at the Federal Reserve that are supporting the destruction of the federal reserve note which is not the dollar. One of the misnomer's is that crashing the dollar is a bad thing. It is not, if you understand that the crash of the Federal Reserve note is planned and it is beneficial to the country and the world in the long run. With this knowledge, you can be on the right side of the crash, by accumulating Silver and Gold. Buy Silver, Crash JP Morgan is a campaign that has been started by Max Keiser. Max is a pisser to listen to on his show as he rips through the lies of the banking system and the paid liars of the mainstream media. Today the Silver longs, are crushing the massive short positions of JP Morgan. This is being supported by the massive purchases of Silver by you the American patriot as you exchange your Weimar notes for real money. Most likely, you have realized that as you accumulate real money that your personal fortunes are rising.
The greatest act of patriotism you can do today is to hoard real money and usher in the golden age, quite literally. Every oz of Silver is like a dagger in the heart of the federal reserve system and it's front man, JP Morgan. Currently, JP Morgan is defending itself against 10,000 lawsuits and the reserve for it's legal fund is in the arrears about $4.5 billion federal reserve notes. If you would like to donate to the JP Morgue, you can do so here. If you have not bought any Silver, I use Paul Bea at Monex, 800-949-4653 x2172 There is a 100oz min on Silver with Monex. If you use my name with Paul, Kevin from Civilflags, I get a small commission in Silver that I will sit on till JP Morgan departs the scene. If you want to do smaller amounts, I can send you other places.
Lastly, in regards to the Civilflag; it has been making great in roads into changing the perception of the nature of our current de-facto government. I have also put the civilflag on my radionics machine from my other website. The flag is a full-blown energy portal bringing back the Republic.