Monday, November 30, 2009

Silver accepted as currency in Grocery store

It has to start somewhere, the use of Gold and silver as money. I for one will support any merchant that accepts gold and silver. Either you are a part of the problem or the solution. The new hampshire gold currency bill was created to provide for a transition back to the use of gold and silver, while the federal reserve note crashes and burns. The Civilflag is an updated version of the original treasury flag, when America was Sovereign.

Sunday, November 29, 2009

U.S. Civilflags Newsletter: What is Sovereignty? What can we practically do to save our Country

I woke up right before 9-11 about the plots and conspiracies to overthrow the American Republic.For a while there, I was in denial, it could not be that bad. Then 9-11, happened and it seemed like a sprint to the finish to break down America on every level,spiritually,physically and financially. The biggest obstacle to productive response to an impending tyranny is understanding what has actually happened? How has the crime perpetrated on America been implemented?
If you are running out to the deserts of Afganistan and Iraq in an emotional state of frenzy to make someone pay, mostly you are a victim of the propaganda machine that wants you to die for the corporation. Knowledge is power and getting the correct knowledge takes some work, you will not find it in the public school system nor on the television or Newspapers. You have to go back in history to the founding of the country with the Declaration of Independence and the Articles of confederation as well as the U.S. Constitution. If you skip the Articles you will miss one very important term known as an inhabitant as opposed to a citizen. An inhabitant is someone that resides on the land. They are a permanent resident. A citizen is a designation of a state granted priviledge. The term inhabitant precedes any form of government. The term citizen is a byproduct of the formation of any government. It is the child of the state and thus can be regulated by the state. a free inhabitant is an unregulated being that resides as a part of the land. He is not separate from the earth. A Sovereign is someone that owns the land and is debt-free. A freeman under this definition has property that is free of leins. Unalienable rights. Un-able-to-lein. The declaration of Independence set up the idea that American inhabitants now had the rights of the King, un-alien-able rights, inherent, god-given, self-evident. This flowed from the repudiation by Martin Luther of Papal infallibility; that the highest authority was one's own conscious. The basis of a trial by jury is built on the concept that there is authority higher than one's own conscious. The power of the trial by jury can repudiate all laws. A judge will tell you otherwise, but he is after-all a member of the bar and agent of the crown.
Going back in history again, the founding father's wrote into the Constituition that the currency needed to be in coin Article 1 Gold or Silver. The basis of the English Common-Law is built on the notion of the use of real money which is gold and silver. The Founding Fathers understood that for American and American's to be free that they needed an economic system built on a metal standard as well as a country that is debt-free and under it's own power. A lien means that you are no longer free and now subject to someone's else will until you pay off the debt. The Federal Reserve Act laid the basis for the creation of a law that conflicted with Article one. The removal of the gold standard on April 5th, 1933 was another illegal act meant to disembowel the U.S. Constitution and the freedom of the American people. The American people were essentially leined as Assets to the hidden creditors without their knowledge and consent. The social security act was created to lay the foundation for the UCC-Uniform Commericial Code. The UCC is an artificial legal system of corporations engaging in business. It laid the basis for the powers of the Federal government to regulate an individual's behavior via the Interstate trade clause. People were now citizens rather than inhabitants that could be regulated by the central government as property. This meant that they can control every aspect of your life legally including forced vaccinations. There is of course much more to learn, but there is enough here to understand how you fundamentally been hood-winked. It all starts with the money. Money is a gold coin, period not a federal reserve note, which is a private debt instrument. It is no coincidence that a gold coin is called a Sovereign. Someone that has Gold is by definition a Sovereign and freeman if he has no debts. A Sovereign falls under the Common-law, no harm no foul which is based on Common-sense, which is very un-common these days. The most fundamental action that you can take to save the Republic is to become debt-free. Better than going on peace marches or to Ron Paul rally's the most fundamental thing that you can do is get some gold and Silver. Silver is the medium of the poor guy and today, fortunately it is very under-valued. The historical relationship between Gold and Silver is 16-1. Currently it is 62-1. So, just dealing with Gold and Silver, Silver right now is a much better buy. Gold has rocketed past it's all-time highs while Silver has yet to reach the highs made in 1980 with the Hunt brothers @ $52oz. Where to get it? This is where I buy mine,I buy a little bit each month, because I know as the dollar is deflated by currency expansion, I am locking in my wealth and anchoring a frequency of freedom.
My first credit card was at 17 years of age. I have always lived in a state of debt, beyond my means since I was 17. That is until I went bankrupt a few years back. The Psychological relief was enormous. Do not underestimate how powerful the release is, when you become debt-free. You are not spiritually free until you become debt-free. Now of course, i still live within the debtor system, but I am also building real wealth with the accumulation of Silver. Silver and Gold has a real power of alchemy to create more wealth in your life, there is a base to create from, a solid foundation to build upon. To bring back the Treasury department's power to issue Gold and Silver coin, you need to start now building your own little stash, no matter how small. It is a frequency that is creating a momentum back to a sound and moral government, one that does not run riot creating empires and stealing the resources of weaker nations for a few chosen elite.
The Civil Flag is based on the original Treasury flag issued by Oliver Wolcott in 1799. It is the flag of a Sovereign debt-free government under the common-law, in-law, not at-law. The original Treasury flag is based on the original flag of the American Revolution called the Sons of Liberty flag,a vertical striped red and white flag. If we go back to Gold and Silver standard, then the legal system automatically changes back to the Common law. The legal system is a symptom not a cause. To learn about the nature of money there is the Creature from Jekyll Island.
The image of the Civil flag itself is a powerful talisman. It wreaks of freedom and Sovereignty and can be a cloak to help you free yourself from the burden of debt. Since we are not entering the season of Winter, I have Civilflag and Sons of Liberty Ski caps, wear the frequency of freedom out and about and on the ski slopes if you are already free. I sponsor the site understanding that the basis of freedom is the use of coin rather than a debt instrument. Any purchases on the civilflag site go to help keeping the Goldmoney site functioning effectively. The goldmoney bill is now floating around in 7 state legislatures. For the more brazen types there is the Civilflag car flag, if you are really fed up and can't stand it anymore.
On a final note, my other interests are alternative health and development of energy technologies. Part of the control system has been controlling your health through the corruption of the food and water supply. Building your physical, mental and emotional energy up to extradordinary heights has been one of my goals for years. I am now accomplishing that end with Orgone for weather modification and space clearing applications as well as Bio-resonance a form of radionics that removes fear and negativity. The byproduct of these technologies has been the development of a fearless attitude and a postive outlook on life that borders on powers of creation. The mind activation towards it's full potential is an un-stoppable force that no opposition on the physical plane can match. I will have a special rate for any patriot that would like to try the of $35 per month. This offer is only valid for Civilflag customers. I will send you a link for the special offer by emailing me @, mention the civilflag offer.