Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Definition of De Facto Government Vs. Dejure Government

We mistakenly believe that the current U.S. government is working in the interests of the inhabitants of the USA. They are not, they represent the interests of the banking cabal known as the Federal Reserve system. The conflict is created because we still have bound our allegiance to the flag and the Original Dejure government of the United States of America. We are being misled by blind allegiance based on illusion and symbolism.
The whole point of the U.S. Civil flag is to break the mind control that has been placed over us. Begin to ask questions and align yourself only with those people that are actually operating in your best interests. Below is the definition of Defacto and Dejure. You are controlled by language or the mis-use of language. It is the serpent in the garden all over again. Are what we call dollars, really dollars or are they Federal Reserve notes?
There is a group that is setting up a Dejure government here in the USA. It will be a 6 month interim government, before there are general elections held.

Black's Law Dictionary Revised 4
ed. ppg. 824, 825
GOVERNMENT DE FACTO. A government of fact. A government actually exercising power and
control in the state, as opposed to the true and lawful government; a government not established
according to the constitution of the state, or not lawfully entitled to recognition or supremacy, but
which has nevertheless supplanted or displaced the government de jure. A government deemed
unlawful, or deemed wrongful or unjust, which, nevertheless, receives presently habitual obedience
from the bulk of the community. Aust. Jur. 324
There are several degrees of what is called “de facto government.” Such a government, in its highest degree,
assumes a character very closely resembling that of a lawful government. This is when the usurping government expels the
regular authorities from their customary seats and function, and establishes itself in their place, and so become the actual
government of a country. The distinguishing characteristic of such a government is that adherents to it in war against the
government de jure do not incur the penalties of treason; and, under certain limitations, obligations assumed by it in behalf
of the country or otherwise will, in general, be respected by the government de jure when restored.
Such a government might be more aptly denominated a “government of paramount force,” being maintained by
active military power against the rightful authority of an established and lawful government; and obeyed in civil matters by
private citizens. They are usually administered directly by military authority, but they may be administered , also, by civil
authority, supported more or less by military force. Thorington v. Smith, 8 Wall. 8,9,19 L.Ed.361

GOVERNMENT DE JURE. A government of right;, the true and lawful government; a government
established according to the constitution of the state, and lawfully entitled to recognition and
supremacy and the administration of the state, but which is actually cut off from power or control. A
government deemed lawful, or deemed rightful or just, which nevertheless, has been supplanted or
displaced;, that is to say, which receives not presently (although it received formerly) habitual
obedience from the bulk of the community. Aust. Jur. 324

The Dumbest Man In Congress And Perhaps In America

This video really has no relevance other than for humor. This is the dumbest man in Congress and perhaps in America. He actually says with a straight-face that he is afraid of the island tipping over with too many people. How did he have the drive to actually get elected to congress is beyond me. If you are looking for an alternative, you may want to take a look at the RepublicoftheUnitedStates.org

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Saturday, February 19, 2011

Supreme Court Justice Thomas Admits They are Evading Obama Birther Case

Thomas admits under at Congressional hearing that Supreme Court is evading the Obama Birther case and says that Supreme court justice does not need to be born in the United States. What he is talking about is that the De facto court and government does not follow the Constitution, because they are not the government, but a private Corporation.
There is no de jure common-law government in Washington currently. However there is a group that is preparing to fill the role of the De jure American government; The Republic of the United States is finishing up their paperwork and may be set to peacefully remove the de facto government. The Civilflag has become the standard of the Republic of the United States.

Obama's Birther Case Will Not Go Away: Supremes Look Again

n a stunning move, the U.S. Supreme Court has scheduled another "conference" on a legal challenge to Barack Obama's eligibility to occupy the Oval Office, but officials there are not answering questions about whether two justices given their jobs by Obama will participate.

The court has confirmed that it has distributed a petition for rehearing in the case brought by attorney John Hemenway on behalf of retired Col. Gregory Hollister and it will be the subject of a conference on March 4.

It was in January that the court denied, without comment, a request for a hearing on the arguments. But the attorney at the time had submitted a motion for Justices Sonia Sotomayor and Elena Kagan, who were given their jobs by Obama, to recuse.

Should Obama ultimately be shown to have been ineligible for the office, his actions, including his appointments, at least would be open to challenge and question.

At the time, the Supreme Court acknowledged the "motion for recusal" but it changed it on official docketing pages to a "request." And it reportedly failed to respond to the motion.

Read more: Stunner! Supremes to give eligibility case another look http://www.wnd.com/?pageId=264897#ixzz1EREN9brE...
He also argued that if court members continue to "avoid" the dispute they effectively will "destroy the constitutional rule of law basis of our legal system."

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Global Revolution Brewing Even in the USA- Max Keiser-

The economic system collapse is triggering mass rebellions around the world. People are saying fuck it and stop paying their mortgages in mass. There is a movement in the US to walk away from mortgages and let the banks try to get their properties. The failure of banks to provide the documents to Prove they own the properties is causing the People to stand up. The good news for the people is the right to bear arms still exists, in America and the backlash may be a little more vigorous here than in the middle east.
Max Keiser's Buy Silver, Crash JP Morgan campaign is having a massive impact as the price of Silver just hit a 30 year high. Remember Silver has not broken it's all-time high of $50oz back in 1980. The bull market in Silver will begin at $50. To get in on the Silver craze, I use Monex. Paul Bea is my account rep. He is extremely knowledgable about Silver and Gold. His number is 800-949-4653 x2172

Uscivilflags.org is supporting the return of a sound money system backed by gold and silver as well as a de Jure Common law government. The re-education of the American people about the true nature of our Sovereignty is our number one goal.

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Ron Paul's Speech At CPAC 2011

He comes in with a passioned speech that enables him to win the CPAC Straw Poll.

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