Saturday, April 7, 2012

U.S. Civilflags Newsletter: Debt Elimination EFT's, Oath of Office

About 6 years ago, I did something called the Bills of exchange to pay off $120,000 in credit card debt. For two months the debt had cleared and then suddenly all the charges just re-appeared on all my credit card bills. I then started to recieve the onslaught of calls and letters from the creditors. I was a deer in the headlights not knowing which way to turn. I actually got back the bills of exchange in the mail with stamps from the Federal Reserve bank. When the charges started to re-appear back on the cards, I got so angry I just ripped up the Bills of exchange. The calls got more virtriolic as the vulturous 3rd party creditors circled over head as I ultilized the ostrich technique to fend off these carrion feeders to no avail.

I decided to throw in the towel and declare bankruptcy. It was a fairly clean affair, I walked into bankruptcy hearing, told them a saga,( some of it was true) and was out in 10 minutes. Since I did not have any property to steal, I lost nothing except for the debts which were claimed as income on my next year's taxes. I have been around the sovereign processes, but was frustrated in never getting the complete story from guru's of the movements. The fear level was also simply too high for my brain to function to see the truth. Recently, I ran into the website for elimination of all credit card, mortgage and student loan debt using an EFT process. Several of my friends successfully used the process to clear credit card debt and one $1200 bill from the DMV.

I did not want to try the process until I knew fully what the hell I was doing, understanding that banks and lawyers do not play fair but prey on weakness and ignorance. The seminar was being held in Charlotte North Carolina, so I decided to take a trip for the weekend. It is a 3 day affair that costs $225 for the weekend very reasonable from a cost point of view. The first day is only $25 so if you can only afford a day the first day is the ticket. Fred Gutierez is a riot, warm sarcastic incredibly funny and a warrior for the truth. This guy is similar to Tony Robbins in his approach to rehabilitate the trauma caused by police officers, lawyers, 3rd party creditors and the dreaded bill collectors with guns.

At the seminar I whipped off an EFT for one credit card that has worked as of this week. What I have now though is the confidence to deal with any type of creditor, 3rd party, first party, mortgage lender, student loan. Fred has an ingenious way of turning commercial courts into article 3 Constitutional courts. This is a question that people often ask me when they are purchasing flags, they think that by walking into court with a Civil flag that they can try to force the change of venue with the replacement of the Admiralty flag. The problem is that the flag is a symptom of the problem not the cause. When a judge is up there, he is operating outside his constitutional oath until you place him under his oath. What Fred does is trot down to the county recorder's office or state office and get a copy of the judge's oath before he walks into a court room. If there is a police officer involved, he will get his oath as well. There are surety bonds associated with all public officials. Fred writes out his criminal affidavit of truth witnessed by a notary, he then attaches a notice of his status as a living soul and the oaths of office to the affidavit and abracadabra, the law of the land is back in play.

If they refuse to play ball at that point and still want to continue injuring your god-given constitutionally protected rights. Fred will proceed to going after their bonds and billing the insurer of the public official. This can be done also with the Executor process of David Clarence, but these legal processes should not be mixed together. To get the real skinny though I would take the course, it will remove most of the fear you have in dealing with the government. I have retained a massive amount of information that I heard at the seminar although at the time, I thought I was not integrating the material. I am mentally much more functional after the seminar as a result in the reduction of the fear. Fred and Nina also have legal processes to deal with Homes in foreclosure as well as obtaining the land patents to dump Real Estate taxes and get rid of the need for building permits. It is your property after-all.

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