Thursday, February 25, 2010

No More Peace Marches Please... Buy and Horde Silver

The founding Fathers said to coin money. It is an essential part of the fabric of what is known as a Republic. A Republic is a limited form of government ruled by a set of fixed principals, unlike a democracy that is fluid and dynamic that can be changed by the whimsical nature of the Public. Alexander Hamilton that famous American Traitor said the Masses are Asses. In this he was true and correct.
The average American has Sex for 11 minutes, that is the average lenght of a TV program between commercials. He gets all his intel from whatever the talking heads promote. Education in America today is a marketing game, sold like Coca Cola. In a democracy where majority rules, watch out baby anything goes. Now since a Republic has a fixed system of rules based on common-sense principals, it requires a fixed currency that cannot be abridged or debauched by outside influences. This is obviously the case with paper money which is worth 2 cents on the dollar of an original gold and Silver dollar. You are getting screwed royally, every day with the government expansion of the debt via the hidden rulers of the current oligarchy. This little rant is about how to de-stabilize our masters. Yes, you have a master and yes you are a slave. If you doubt that try not paying the property tax on your property? If it is your property why do you have to pay a property tax on something you allegedly already own? The truth is that a property tax is a use tax for property that is owned by the state. Same with your car, which is why you have a driver's license because you are someone Else's chattel.
Again, I am not here to argue these points, I am here to expose a flaw in the world domination plan. That flaw is the ownership of Silver in your hand; not the ETF's which is just a paper fraud scheme to make the dollar look like a prom queen rather than the pig that she is; oink oink. To expose the fraud of fiat currency, we first need to expose the fraud of the manipulation of the Gold and Silver. The gold markets are too big for the commoner, (that is you) to have a very large impact; but Silver is well within reach of the average Joe. The average Silver production is 890 million including recycled Silver worldwide. 60% of that is used for industrial production. Let's see, 890 million minus 534 million give or take a million leaves 356 million ounces; for bullion purchases in the coin version worldwide. That includes U.S. eagles Canadian Maple leafs, Austrian Philharmonics, Mexican Libertads and Chinese Pandas. U.S. Eagle production last year was an all-time record of 29 million oz.
30 years ago the Hunt brothers cornered the Silver market and drove up the price to $52oz. That is Silver all-time high not adjusted for inflation. Silver today is $16 after having risen 60% over the last year. 30 years ago there was minimal Silver usage for industrial purposes. Why has the price languished? Banker manipulation and inflation of the Silver and Gold markets. Silver as paper is probably leveraged about 30-1. When Silver is traded as ETF, no one usually takes delivery. It is just electronic ping pong, pure gambling like in Vegas. The markets today are just one big casino, where everyone is betting which direction something is headed. Nothing of value is being created by the financial markets. The game continues because all aspects of the market are controlled by the financial wizards. If no one has tangible possession of anything then any value can be made from nothing, even Gold and Silver. The mandrake mechanism, where the magician pulls the rabbit out of the hat, applies to Gold and Silver because, you have been fooled into accepting paper as money.
Colloidal Silver- kills all sorts of viruses and even werewolves.
Your refusal to accumulate and hold precious metals is the abdication of the control of your wealth to the hidden masters running the game board. Until you understand that Gold and Silver in your possession is the only wealth there is; then the world will continue to live in poverty both spiritually and materially. There is a strong emphasis of Gold with the Founding fathers and in the Bible. There is a reason why, whoever controls the gold, controls the world. If precious metals are in the hands of the people then we will be free and there will be no NWO. The metaphysical power of Gold and Silver is absolute.
The good news is that the control of the Silver market is well within reach of the commoner. The Hunt brothers accumulated 125 million oz of Silver over a 10 year period, which drove the price up to $52oz. It is illegal for one person to corner the market today, but it is not illegal for a few to do so. How many Ron Paul supporters will it take to expose the fraud of ETF's? Not many, there is a tipping point, where I know not, but with the consistent purchase of Silver in the bullion form and the hording of the metal. Silver will continue to rise despite the best attempts of the Bankers to hide the growing shortages. The current annual value of one year's Silver production is worth a measly 15 Billion that is less than mayor Bloomberg's net worth. Warren Buffet could buy the whole Silver production worldwide and have some spare change to purchase Coke and Starbucks. Over 1.5 million Americans voted for Ron Paul in the last 2008 presidential elections. That is 1.5 million potential bullion owners. At 100oz per person, we could accumulate more than the Hunt brothers did to drive up the price to $52oz. At the latest CPAC poll, Ron Paul won 31% of the vote for President for 2012. Ron Paul and the Libertarian philosophy is hitting the mainstream, everytime Obama injects another shot of crack into the financial system.
The Revolution can be won, with a co-ordinated effort by Patriots around the world to buy and horde Silver. A patriot can be in Russia, China or even in Kenya; as long as you are buying and holding Gold, Silver, Platinum or Palladium, you can be making a massive dent in the worldwide plan to create a single monetary system backed by nothing at all.
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