Friday, January 28, 2011

Republic Of the United Update

Tim Turner is the head of the Republic of the United States, a common-law group that is claiming the dejure government seats that were vacated by the de-facto United States corporation. John Mcgowan one of the interviewers on this telecast; is from Connecticut and has a public access show there for the last 7 years that I have been appearing on regarding the UScivilflag.
I do not know if Turner has some secret agenda; but I do know what Obama's agenda is and that ain't good. My position with Turner and this attempt at restoring the republic as one as wait and see. Turner has adopted the UScivilflag as the banner for the group, so I am tied into the group via my association with the flag; but not much further than that at the moment.
At the end of the day, The civilflag is a tool to expose the fraud of the defacto government and their illegitimacy in light of the Constitution. Whether Turner is that guy to lead us out of fiat currency hell; I do not know.
For now though, keep buying Silver and put pressure on the Silver manipulation that is propping up the value of the federal reserve note, falsely called the dollar. It is not a dollar, that would be silver or gold; confusing, I know.
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Friday, January 21, 2011

Alan Greenspan Now Advocates A Return to the Gold Standard

There is even a mention of his love for Ayn Rand who was most definitively a goldmoney bug. Greenspan's turn around is in line with Bix's Weir's supposition that Greenspan is intentionally destroying the Federal Reserve in a creative act to pave the way to return back to gold and silver as the monetary standard. His computer trading programs are what is driving the markets. This is Bix Weir's position, not necessarily mine; but I will keep an open mind. Silver has been taking a dive recently, this is a massive buying opportunity. We are approaching Custer's last stand for the bankers and now as never before it is time to get out of paper wealth into tangible goods.
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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Celente: Rise of Progressive Libertarianism in 2011

Gerard Celente predicts the rise of progressive libertarians. Let's see what they can do. Cyber-terrorism is the next great angle to shut down the internet. The cause though of this disaster known as planet earth is the Federal Reserve system. End the Fed and you end the NWO. I will keep being a broken record and tell you to buy silver. Get out of all forms of paper now, if you want to stop the endless wars and assaults on your freedom. It is the ability of the bankers to create money at will that gives them the finances to have you locked up, shot at beaten and taxed to death. Stop thinking you are gonna be the next billionaire and act like a little termite and eat away at that foundation of fakery and strip nero butt-naked that then drink beer off his ass like you did in college.
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U.S. Eagles Sales Set to Top 6 Million for January

The U.S. Mint has just started imposing rationing of U.S. Silver Eagles for the 2011 issue, in anticipation of demand far out-stripping supply. The year end total for 2010 Silver Eagles finished at an all-time record with 34,662,500
The Silver Tsunami is set to hit, where shortages on delivery are going to start to show up at the retailers, all spurred by you the end consumer of physical metal. It is within your grasp now to stop the bankers with the ultimate Silver bullet in the form of a coin; how ironic. Time to make some coin to save the Republic. If you have this as part of your mission statement for life; you will see the red sea part and you will thrive in these decadent end days. With every ending there is a beginning the true meaning of the word Apocalypse.

The single month record for U.S. Silver 1oz Eagles was set in November of 2010 with, 4,260,000 sold. Currently the for the 2011 U.S. Silver Eagle issue is 3,357,000oz as of Jan 11th. Consider that U.S. Silver eagles sales have hovered around 10,000,000oz sold for the entire year till 2007 since the program was started in 1986. The sales of Silver eagles started to heat up in 2007 with over 19 million oz sold. The last three years has been an upward spike in sales from year to year. Consider also that the whole silver mining production is about 40 million oz of silver and that there are no Silver reserves held by the U.S. government.

At the current month's pace, Silver eagles sales will crack 6 million oz setting off the physical short squeeze that Ted Butler, Bix Weir and Jason Hommel have been talking about for years. Now more than ever is the time to buy Silver and divest yourself of the paper fraud that has kept up in bondage for almost 100 years since the creation of the Federal Reserve back in the day. If you want to end the Fed then buy Silver; it is that simple at this moment in history. It is sort of like a pile-on for a fumble. The opportunity in Silver is now, but only in the physical form. Only buying physical Silver bullion will end the Fed, not SLV or ETF's. With those certificates, you are part of the problem not the solution.

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