Wednesday, December 29, 2010

We Need a Libertarian Superhero

He or she will need to be tall, good looking with a wit and a razor tongue. Hyper-intelligent and a steel will and pristine character. Who will emerge from the shadows to destroy the NWO? Who will be that nail that gets hit first? Who will it be? the place for the peace flag of the original republic-de jure.

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Webbots Predict the Fall of JP Morgan and $600oz Silver

The webbots are hysterical, it is like watching family guy and getting all the juicy insider info within the financial markets. Massive intel to capitalize on the collapse of the Fiat currency scam that has been running since the 1930's. Silver is the commodity play that can make you a millionaire in real terms and save the republic at the same time. It is the same battle and story as illustrated in the Wizard of OZ. In the book they are Silver shoes not Ruby.. Watch the webbots talk about the JP Morgue..
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Thursday, December 9, 2010

Hitler vs Keiser Parody on Silver

A nice video with some curse words, that shows the silver fraud through the use of clipped film footage from a theatrical release set to the current Silver fraud run by JP Morgan. To join in on the fun to crash JP Morgan, just buy Physical Silver. Multiple benefits; it stops the decay of your cash. It accelerates the demise of the fiat currency system and it actually gets you rich. There will be more Silver millionaires made in the next 18 months than at any time in history.
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Monday, December 6, 2010

Silver Going to the Moon Bix Weir

Bix always makes sense and has been right on the money with the Silver investigations of JP Morgan and HSBC banks.

I'm going to keep this short but sweet.

In January 2002 I bought my first few ounces of physical silver at less than $5 per ounce. The reason I bought silver was that the Commercial Short position in the COMEX Commitment of Traders Report was, in my opinion, way too high considering that the US Government had just announced that they had sold their entire 3 Billion ounce silver position over the last 50 years and would now have to buy silver to support their Silver American Eagle program.

Here is the CFTC Silver Commercial Short Position that I based my analysis on:

Date: January 2002
Silver Commercial Short Position = 55,534 Contracts or 277.6M oz

Price of Silver = $4.71
Other factors I looked at were the total lack of investor interest in silver, the end of hedging for miners, the flat new mine supply projections, the new applications for industrial silver and the massive abuse of the fiat money supply.

From my work with the folks at GATA I knew that the Commercial players were manipulating the Gold and Silver markets. Common sense told me that one day the "free market" for Gold and Silver would take over and the price of silver would have to break free of the manipulators to find it's true "Fair Market Value".

My Investment Analysis: Stick with my position in Silver UNTIL the Commercial Short Position came back down to some sense of reality and the silver price rises to reflect the buyback of these Commercial Shorts. That was almost 9 years ago.

Where are we today?

Date: December 2010

Silver Commercial Short Position = 79,561 Contracts or 397.8M oz

Price of Silver = $30.00

Amazing! The price of Silver has risen 6x but the size of the Commercial Short Position has ALSO risen 1.5x! In fairness to the analysis, the way the CFTC measures the Commercial Short Position has changed a little over the years but this should not dissuade you from the ultimate conclusion...THE COMMERCIAL SHORTS ON THE COMEX HAVE GREATLY INCREASED THEIR SHORT POSITION OVER THE LAST 9 YEARS SUPPRESSING THE SILVER PRICE FROM GOING MUCH, MUCH HIGHER!

Ask yourself this:

"How high would the price of silver be if those Commercial Short Sellers had NOT added 120M ounces in new shorts?"

Would silver be $100/oz? $500/oz? $2,000/oz...take your pick. The price of silver has risen 6x even though the Commercial Short keeps rising skyward to try and stop the meteoric rise in the price of silver.


So for all those "new silver investors" who are worried about buying silver at $30/oz just follow the same simple analysis as I did 9 years should be salivating at getting your hands on real physical silver BEFORE the price finds it's true "FAIR MARKET VALUE"!
Road to
Buy Silver and Crash JP Morgan, simple yet elegant plan.
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Sunday, December 5, 2010

JP Morgan Silver Fraud Explained

This little cartoon explains perfectly how the JP Morgan fraud has been set up and how it is being brought down as we speak. Silver will shoot up to over $500oz in a matter of months, when the comex is crashed. Fighting for truth, honor and the American way. Shit that's Superman..
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Monday, November 29, 2010

Silver Pledge Drive to End the Fed

I just joined up and pledged. It is a win win here. Kill off the banks, get rich and save the Republic. Paul Bea Monex reliable low cost silver retailer 100oz min
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The Silver War Cry: Drive the End the Fed

This plan is so simple it and can be carried out right now. Forget peace marches and protests, just go buy physical Silver bullion. JP Morgan is leverage over 100-1 with Silver. That is there is only 1oz of Silver for every 100 paper obligations. This is full-blown fraud. Expose the fraud, just buy Silver and hold. Monex Paul Bea- low cost silver retailer that I use. 800-949-4653 x2172 Use Kevin from and I will get a small referral fee to keep the revolution going.

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

The End of The FED is Near, China and Russia Quit Federal Reserve Note

St. Petersburg, Russia - China and Russia have decided to renounce the US dollar and resort to using their own currencies for bilateral trade, Premier Wen Jiabao and his Russian counterpart Vladimir Putin announced late on Tuesday.
Chinese experts said the move reflected closer relations between Beijing and Moscow and is not aimed at challenging the dollar, but to protect their domestic economies.
"About trade settlement, we have decided to use our own currencies," Putin said at a joint news conference with Wen in St. Petersburg.

The two countries were accustomed to using other currencies, especially the dollar, for bilateral trade. Since the financial crisis, however, high-ranking officials on both sides began to explore other possibilities.

The yuan has now started trading against the Russian rouble in the Chinese interbank market, while the renminbi will soon be allowed to trade against the rouble in Russia, Putin said.

"That has forged an important step in bilateral trade and it is a result of the consolidated financial systems of world countries," he said.

Putin made his remarks after a meeting with Wen. They also officiated at a signing ceremony for 12 documents, including energy cooperation.
Continued Here

What does this mean, the monopoly that the Federal Reserve has had on the world is ending. Remember a Federal Reserve Note has no more inherent value than a Mexican paper. It is a pure fiat currency, like everyone else's. There will be a massive flight to gold and Silver all at once in physical form

Better hurry and get some physical Silver before we are all burning those Federal Reserve Notes as kindling. Monex- Paul Bea 800-949-4653 x2172 100oz min on Silver Use Kevin from UScivilflags as referral.

Crash JP Morgan Buy Silver Bullion

Max Keiser's plan to buy 1 oz of Silver to crash J.P Morgan. Actually, I was talking about this a year's ago. Jason Hommel way before that. This can happen when you stop investing with little Mammon. Paper is fraud. You want to go to a casino, Atlantic city is near and they give you free chips on the bus. Wall Street is a rigged game that has enslaved you for 100 years. Do you want to end the TSA patdowns? then buy Silver. The problem is the banks. The effect is the grabbing of your balls by some dumb TSA official. If you want a happy ending, I can refer you to a professional.
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Friday, November 19, 2010

Pay Me My Silver Now Song! Bix Weir

This song is a bit infectious and quite good, inspired by the French Bank Run. There is now a systematic silver run in place on the physical side. Eagle Sales have just cracked their all time record for a month $3,625,000 as of November 18th, with 12 days left. For the year we have already beaten last year's by over 2 million @ $32,550,000. The Sovereign flag of America

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

FOX NEWS Beginning To Expose The Lies Of The 911 Commission

Ten years ago, I was watching the World Trade Center fall from my rooftop and said it was a demolition job. My sister said I was crazy. Well, she went to run down the volunteer at the World Trade Center and promptly got asthma. I refused to go saying God knows what chemicals are floating around down there. With this video, we have Napolitano beating around the truth of 9-11. Napolitano is not really FOX news, that would be Reilly and O'hannity, but close enough where the truth will come out and I will still be called crazy because I am saying we are going back to a Gold and Silver standard and that Silver will be well over $1000oz.

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Monday, October 11, 2010

Gold @ $15,000 oz based on Monetary Supply

Gold to rise to over $15,000 oz based on Monetary supply. This will absolutely happen as night turns into day. Do you want to capitalize on this rise in Gold and monster rise in Silver as the dollar deflates into funny money.

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Monday, October 4, 2010

Prepare for Betrayal by the Tea Party Elect

This article echoes my sentiments about the Tea party as being a movement with a water-down and impotent ideology. The only ones who have the strength and knowledge base to create real and lasting change are the uncompromising Ron Paul followers. The Palin group is nothing, but mis-direction with no strong convictions.

Llewellyn H. Rockwell Jr.
It's another revolutionary season in American politics, with voters preparing to do everything they can within the structure of the law to throw out the bad guys and the bad system they represent. The focus is on this amorphous thing called the Tea Party, which embodies a huge range of political impulses from libertarian to authoritarian, united under the common belief that everything is going wrong in Washington, with a common goal of upending the status quo.

Candidates that the Republican Party doesn't like are making big inroads into the party structure and, quite possibly, the election itself. That is fun to watch. The wind at their backs is the spectacular — but wholly predictable — failure of the Obama administration's economic witchcraft. Trillions and trillions created and spent and yet the suffering endures.

The healthcare bill is also a source of American public anger. People are not deceived into believing that whatever reforms we are getting are going to fix the problems of the current system; they will make them worse. As it is, the freedom remaining in the system is the only reason that the system serves us at all. Take that away and you take away a lifeline.

The revolt, then, is in high gear. It's not the first time, and it won't be the last. The governed have long been very unhappy about the government, and they periodically wake up and seek to change it. It's been some 16 years since the last go-around of such revolutionary sentiment. It is arguably stronger today than it was back in 1994.

The good aspects of this have nothing to do with political outcomes, despite what people believe. The political environment focuses the mind on important issues like freedom, economics, culture, power and its uses, and the role of the state. As they debate with their neighbors, follow election coverage, listen to the candidates, and watch the process, people learn and study and, most importantly, think and rethink.

If you begin with a skeptical attitude toward the government, watching and thinking can lead to a radicalization and ultimate embrace of a consistent opposition to government involvement. This is why election season always ends up creating a huge flood of new libertarians who buy books, feel the inspiration to get active (perhaps for the first time), and dedicate themselves to reducing the power of the state in whatever way they can.

If American politics can be said to contribute anything to American culture, it is this educational aspect that stands out. The elections focus the mind and lead people to a new consciousness. Ideally, that consciousness would dawn without politicians and elections and all the apparatus of the season. And yet people are busy in normal times, dealing with regular life; it is the very urgency of the election that gives rise to the concern in the first place.

You might as well know right now, however, that the Tea Party, no matter how successful it is at the polls in November, will certainly betray the party of liberty. There are several reasons for this, but the fundamental one is intellectual. The Tea Party does not have a coherent view of liberty. Its activists tend to be good on specific economic issues like taxes, spending, stimulus, and healthcare. They worry about government intervention in these areas and can talk a good game.

But just as with old-time conservatives, there are many issues on which the Tea Party tends toward inconsistency. The military and the issue of war is a major one. Many have bought into the line that the greatest threat this country faces domestically is the influx of adherents of Islam; in international politics, they tend to favor belligerence toward any regime that is not a captive of US political control.
Cont' @ Source

Silver,Silver, Silver, Not Phil Silver, but the cold hard metal that makes that nice sound in a game of quarters. It is all about Silver, if you have none, then you are a poser patriot. Smile for the camera...

The U.S. Civilflag is the flag of the new Republic of the United States.

Slaves to Debt: The Essence of the Banking Industry

Sometimes there is nothing better than a good film to describe how you have been so screwed by Banks and Bankers. I think there may be a run on rope soon, just a feeling.

If you want to screw the bankers, buy silver and hold. The metal has real power, that is why they have taken it out of circulation. You can't have a good tyranny in the masses are holding Gold and Silver. My Silver Rep is Paul Bea @ Monex, he is ready to take your order. 100oz min. 800-949-4653 x2172 Use Kevin from Civilflags as referral.
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Sunday, October 3, 2010

Freedom Making a Comeback in Georgia- Right To Travel Without Driver's License

I have never seen a bill more clearly written and defined. Tim Turner was alleged to have locked up the state of Georgia with liens. This has his fingerprints all over it.

10 LC 34 2350
House Bill 875
By: Representative Franklin of the 43rd


To amend Title 40 of the Official Code of Georgia Annotated, relating to motor vehicles and traffic, so as to repeal Chapter 5, relating to drivers' licenses; provide for a short title; to report the findings of the General Assembly regarding the constitutionality of certain laws relating to drivers' licenses; to provide for an effective date; to repeal conflicting laws; and for other purposes.


This Act shall be known and may be cited as the "Right to Travel Act."

The General Assembly finds that:
(1) Free people have a common law and constitutional right to travel on the roads and highways that are provided by their government for that purpose. Licensing of drivers cannot be required of free people because taking on the restrictions of a license requires the surrender of an inalienable right;
(2) In England in 1215, the right to travel was enshrined in Article 42 of Magna Carta:
It shall be lawful to any person, for the future, to go out of our kingdom, and to return, safely and securely, by land or by water, saving his allegiance to us, unless it be in time of war, for some short space, for the common good of the kingdom: excepting prisoners and outlaws, according to the laws of the land, and of the people of the nation at war against us, and Merchants who shall be treated as it is said above.
(3) Where rights secured by the Constitution of the United States and the State of Georgia are involved, there can be no rule making or legislation that would abrogate these rights. The claim and exercise of a constitutional right cannot be converted into a crime. There can be no sanction or penalty imposed upon an individual because of this exercise of constitutional rights;
(4) American citizens have the inalienable right to use the roads and highways unrestricted in any manner so long as they are not damaging or violating property or rights of others. The government, by requiring the people to obtain drivers' licenses, is restricting, and therefore violating, the people's common law and constitutional right to travel;
(5) In Shapiro v Thompson, 394 U.S. 618 (1969), Justice Potter Stewart noted in a concurring opinion that the right to travel "is a right broadly assertable against private interference as well as governmental action. Like the right of is a virtually unconditional personal right, guaranteed by the Constitution to us all." The Articles of Confederation had an explicit right to travel; and we hold that the right to travel is so fundamental that the Framers thought it was unnecessary to include it in the Constitution or the Bill of Rights;
(6) The right to travel upon the public highways is not a mere privilege which may be permitted or prohibited at will but the common right which every citizen has under his or her right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. Under this constitutional guarantee one may, therefore, under normal conditions, travel at his or her inclination along the public highways or in public places while conducting himself or herself in an orderly and decent manner; and
(7) Thus, the legislature does not have the power to abrogate the citizens' right to travel upon the public roads by passing legislation forcing the citizen to waive the right and convert that right into a privilege.

Title 40 of the Official Code of Georgia Annotated, relating to motor vehicles and traffic, is amended by repealing Chapter 5, relating to drivers' licenses, and designating said chapter as reserved.

This Act shall become effective upon its approval by the Governor or upon its becoming law without such approval.

All laws and parts of laws in conflict with this Act are repealed.

The U.S. Civilflag is becoming the Symbol of the return of the common law across the land.

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Friday, October 1, 2010

Ronald Reagan Speech 1964 Republican Convention

This is not the Reagan of 1980, but the Goldwater idealist of 1964. Watch this speech and listen to the brilliance and genius. These are not vague trite phrases of Obama or Bush, but cutting insights and truth into the nature of America at that time. We are heading back in that direction that we were derailed from in the early 60's. Fret not good things are coming, buy that Silver and seal the fate of the wicked witch known as the Federal Reserve.

U.S. Civilflag- The Sovereign flag of the new American Republic.

Thursday, September 30, 2010

U.S. Civil Flag Newsletter: Republic of the United States, Return to a Gold Standard?

We are in the middle of the final battle for control of the manifest destiny of America. The war rages within the banking system between the forces that support a return to a Gold/Silver standard and the New World Order backed by the Rothschild family. I sit in the center as I get reports from the Restore America Plan people who are now called the Republic of the United States. Their mission statement is below. The Republic of the United States has adopted the U.S. Civil flag as their banner at least that is what some people from the various groups tell me. It is the Unofficial Official banner of the New Republic; how bout that for a little Orwellian speak.
We believe that the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution for the united States of America as conceived by the founding fathers would if administered as conceived, return Americans back to a freedom and prosperity that cannot fully be comprehended.
We believe at this time in history it is the people who may best save our nation. We believe that the current policies and practices by actors that purport to have America’s best interest in mind are morally bankrupt. It is the people then that must create an alternate proposal.

What have “We” done- What a group of Americans have done then is simple! We have restored “The Republic of the united States of America”. The vehicle used to accomplish this task were Americans who stood up. The fuel was left for us over 220 years ago in the Declaration of Independence, the Constitution for the united States of America, the Bill of Rights, Amendments, 11, 12, and the original 13th.

A plan supported by many Americans in all 50 republic “states” was implemented. That plan created a provisional structure where Americans can peaceably assemble and re-inhabit the de Jure seats of government as intended by our founding fathers.

What can “We” offer – We, being the people who stood up, through the construct of the “Restored Republic” offer to all Americans true liberty, freedom, and justice for all. All that is required is your say so.

What will it do? – When all Americans that are not happy with the path our nation is clearly headed down, join those that have already signed onto “The Republic of the united States of America”, our future can and will be transformed back to a de Jure form of governance as originally intended. The specific benefits shall be described in forthcoming press releases.

There have been a number of events that bode well for the return of a Republic. Seven U.S. Military and UK servicemen went on Fox News talking about UFO disclosure, that the Aliens have been stopping Nuclear Warheads from going off since 1948. This was an agenda that President Kennedy had to expose project Blue book to the public in addition to taking down the Federal Reserve.

The German government also announced yesterday that it was paying off it's WWI debt of $95 million. WWI was called the War to end all Wars. WWII was predicated on the unresolved conflicts of WWI or unpaid debts. If you understand that the Federal Reserve system began in 1913, it was tied to the start of WWI and the movement towards a One World government. Control of the currency was the key point to create a World Global government. The removal of the Gold standard in 1933, HJR-192, laid the foundation for the UCC in 1954. The Social Security Act was also created to continue business as usual in a state of Bankruptcy. The Bretton-woods agreement finalized the bankruptcy and Americans were all officially debtor slaves. The un-raveling of this process is like watching a DVD in reverse. I have been getting reports that the America is being restored within the next week from the RAP people and that this is worldwide. There have been numerous reports on Fox news talking about a return to the Gold standard with Ron Paul. The talk about Gold and Silver as money is filtering down to the Tea Party people who are the ignorant step children of what was once the Ron Paul movement of 2008. The internet will be the great equalizer as they catch up on all of the Sovereign information. The good news is that the Tea Party people will be incredibly effective once they understand the rules of the road. I was watching the football game the other day and I saw a TV commercial from Capital One bank with Vikings on a ship called the Drakur flying the earliest version of the Civilflag. It was a simple vertical striped Red and White Flag. The Sons of Liberty flag was also a vertical striped Red and White flag and was the inspiration of the U.S. Civil flag.

The U.S. Government Accounting period ends today Sept. 30th. That means the books need to be settled with the Federal Reserve and Foreign creditors. This may be the moment that we have been waiting for when we go back to a Gold/Silver Standard. There are other fingerprints that this may be happening. The U.S. Treasury has sold out of Gold buffalo's even though it is required by law to keep minting them based on demand. The Treasury has also been amassing New Gold coins. Silver has been rising since JP Morgan's trading desk was shut down. The price currently stands at $21.76. The all-time high is $52 in 1980. The traditional ratio between Gold and Silver is 16-1, currently it now stands at 64-1. The achilles heel of the international banking cabal is Silver. The true level of Silver to Gold now stands at 8-1, so the correction will eventual settle at 8-1, that is a free market economy, which is what we are headed for. The markets have been rigged for the last 30 years and Silver stands to rise well over $200 an oz and into the thousands if there is a re-monetization based on the level of debt. Currently, Gold and Silver are leveraged at 100-1, by the likes of JP Morgan, HSBC and company. If you want to put a stake into the cabal. Buy physical bullion now. For large quantities starting @ 100oz Monex delivers the best price. Paul Bea is my contact there. 800-949-4653 x 2172 If you open an account there and buy some Silver I will send you a free U.S. Civil flag Poly. If you buy 200 oz on the first order, I will send you the new All-cotton flags 3x5 embroidered. I have seen my physical Silver holdings go up, 68% last year and about 40% this year so far. For Smaller orders there is We are in turbulent times, but with strong faith and a steel will; this can be a wonderous joyful ride. Opportunities are afoot everywhere.

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

World War I Ends on Sunday as Germany Pays it Debt

This is incredibly significant in terms of a positive change in the economic system. We are dealing with elites here and debts survive generations until they are paid. You could say that all subsequent Wars are built upon the unpaid debts of WWI.
The resolutions between warring factions of secret societies is a positive sign that perhaps we are going back to a Gold/Silver standard worldwide.

On Sunday, the first World War will come to an end. Germany will pay the last of its war debt, a sum of nearly $95 million, which was imposed on the country during the Treaty of Versailles in 1919.

“On Sunday the last bill is due and the First World War finally, financially at least, terminates for Germany,” said Bild, the country’s biggest selling newspaper.

The Telegraph reports that Germany’s war debt would have been paid much earlier, but Adolf Hitler reneged on the reparations during his reign. The debt spurred hatred which helped propel Nazis to power, and was one causes of the Second World War.

On Sunday the last bill is due and the First World War finally, financially at least, terminates for Germany," said Bild, the country's biggest selling newspaper.
Most of the money goes to private individuals, pension funds and corporations holding debenture bonds as agreed under the Treaty of Versailles, where Germany was made to sign the 'war guilt' clause, accepting blame for the war.
The principal representative of the British Treasury at the Paris Peace Conference, John Maynard Keynes, resigned in June 1919 in protest at the scale of the demands.
"Germany will not be able to formulate correct policy if it cannot finance itself,' he warned.
When the Wall Street Crash came in 1929, the Weimar Republic spiralled into debt. Four years later, Hitler was elected Chancellor of Germany.

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Federal Reserve Notes Devalued 10x In Days

More and more of the rumors are popping up. Reports of a return to Gold and now currency devaluation on the horizon. Nothing to fear if you have been collecting Silver. This is the great opportunity to become a millionaire overnight. Paul Bea @ Monex is ready to take your order. 800-949-4653 x2172 100oz min.

In the last 24 hours I have had reports that the Government is about to devalue the Federal Reserve Note in the next several days. If the information I received is correct then the reduction is going to be major, approximately 10% of its present value.

If this happens there will be major increases in the cost of food, gasoline and almost everything that is real product, not paper. Therefore I recommend that you consider buying some food ahead of this change. That means that you need to do it today or at the latest tomorrow.

Obviously this could be an error, but I do know that the 82nd Airborne has been put on 18 hour alert for deployment in this country and that I have verified. The only reason I can see to do that is to help control populations in big cities where we could see major rioting. At the time I first found out about that I could not figure out why, but this currency change could be the explanation.

In any case being prepared with some additional food is wise I believe. Most of us can't do anything about the fuel cost, but we can do what we can with the other things that are going to change in price if this devaluation occurs.

Sovereign flag of the New American Republic...

Republic Vs. Democracy

There is a reason why the founding Fathers were specific in designing American as Republic as opposed to a Democracy. Democracy is majority rule and "Mob rule". If the Mob wants to say you cannot wear blue pants, then that is the law. There is no reason involved with the Mob. A Republic is based on reason and the protection of the Rights of the individual or the minority.

U.S. Civilflag- The flag of the newly restored American Republic.

We are changing back to the Gold Standard. Redeem your fiat currency notes before the devaluation. Silver is at 64-1 currently.

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Republic Of the United States

This is the newly restored Republic of the United States. This group was formerly called RAP or the Restore America Plan. It is led by Tim Turner. Turner is claiming that we are going back to a de jure government within the next month. A de jure government is a common-law government that runs on the Constitution and a Gold and Silver standard. It is basically a reversion to the original design and an end to the banker tyranny. Take a look at this group and consider signing up. The U.S. Civilflag is the banner of the newly formed Republic.
We believe that the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution for the united States of America as conceived by the founding fathers would if administered as conceived, return Americans back to a freedom and prosperity that cannot fully be comprehended.

We believe at this time in history it is the people who may best save our nation. We believe that the current policies and practices by actors that purport to have America’s best interest in mind are morally bankrupt. It is the people then that must create an alternate proposal.

What have “We” done- What a group of Americans have done then is simple! We have restored “The Republic of the united States of America”. The vehicle used to accomplish this task were Americans who stood up. The fuel was left for us over 220 years ago in the Declaration of Independence, the Constitution for the united States of America, the Bill of Rights, Amendments, 11, 12, and the original 13th.

A plan supported by many Americans in all 50 republic “states” was implemented. That plan created a provisional structure where Americans can peaceably assemble and re-inhabit the de Jure seats of government as intended by our founding fathers.

What can “We” offer – We, being the people who stood up, through the construct of the “Restored Republic” offer to all Americans true liberty, freedom, and justice for all. All that is required is your say so.

What will it do? – When all Americans that are not happy with the path our nation is clearly headed down, join those that have already signed onto “The Republic of the united States of America”, our future can and will be transformed back to a de Jure form of governance as originally intended. The specific benefits shall be described in forthcoming press releases.

To accelerate the demise of the bankers; the purchase of Silver bullion in coin and bar form is an act of war against the tyranny of the Rothschild family. For a low-cost Silver retailer there is Apmex. It is also a way to support the Civilflag site in-directly.

Thursday, September 9, 2010

JP Morgan Silver Manipulation Over?

Is JP Morgan's Silver Manipulation Over?

The big news in the financial mainstream media during the past week has been JP Morgan's announcement that they will be closing their proprietary trading desks. JP Morgan is in the process of winding down their proprietary trading operations and will be laying off their 20 proprietary commodities traders, who NIA believes could be responsible for the current concentrated short position in silver. NIA has been receiving countless emails from members asking us if this means the silver manipulation is coming to an end and what this means for the price of silver.

One thing is for sure, this news from JP Morgan can't be a bad thing. NIA has long held the belief that JP Morgan's manipulation of the silver market is the sole reason for the artificially high gold/silver ratio of recent years, which currently stands at 63. Silver possesses all of the same monetary qualities as gold. There is no rational reason for gold to be 63 times more expensive than silver when only 10 times more silver has been produced in world history than gold.
Apmex- A reliable and low-cost Silver retailer.
The main thing Americans will need to barter for during hyperinflation is food, but gold is too expensive to be good for bartering for food. Silver is the perfect bartering currency for food. Assuming the gold/silver ratio returns to 16 during hyperinflation and food prices increase at the same rate as gold, it will be possible to feed a family of four with only 2 to 3 ounces of silver per week. However, just 1 ounce of gold will buy 6 to 7 weeks worth of food for a family of four, and most perishable food items go bad in just a week or two.

The only advantage of owning gold over silver during hyperinflation will be having the ability to pick up and leave with your entire net worth in hand. The average American currently has their entire net worth tied up in their house. There is already a 12.5 month supply of Real Estate on the market. During U.S. hyperinflation, the U.S. mortgage market will come to a complete halt and it will become nearly impossible to sell your house unless you are willing to lower the price to a level where buyers can afford it without a mortgage. With the U.S. unemployment rate likely to rise above Great Depression levels, the last thing you will want during the upcoming currency crisis and societal collapse is to have your wealth stuck in Real Estate. Americans will desire the freedom and flexibility that comes with owning precious metals.

The U.S. median home price is currently $179,000. NIA expects Real Estate prices to fall by another 55-60% priced in gold and 90% priced in silver. For the average American who sells their $179,000 home now and uses the money to buy gold, they will have the ability to pick up their entire net worth in the form of gold bullion that weighs less than 10 pounds and move with their gold to wherever they desire. On the other hand, $179,000 worth of silver currently weighs 600 pounds and even with a gold/silver ratio of 16 would still weigh 156 pounds.

NIA considers silver's bartering advantage to be a lot more valuable than gold's value density advantage. Therefore, we don't see any possible way to justify a gold/silver ratio that is higher than the historical average of 16. NIA believes we are guaranteed to see the gold/silver ratio decline dramatically and if JP Morgan is going to be covering their shorts as part of their winding down of their proprietary trading division, the biggest move downward in the gold/silver ratio could come in the months ahead.

Is it possible that JP Morgan's plan to shut down their proprietary trading operations is just a smokescreen to make it appear as though they are complying with the new "Volcker Rule"? On July 1st, JP Morgan acquired the Metals, Oil and European Energy business lines of RBS Sempra Commodities. Also, on August 31st, JP Morgan filled their newly created role of global head of commodities strategy. These mixed signals from JP Morgan lead us to believe it is possible that JP Morgan will continue to engage in the same manipulative trading activities, but under the name of a new outside firm that they control. NIA is hopeful but skeptical that the manipulation is coming to an end. We remain cautiously optimistic at this time.

Bear Stearns previously held the silver short position that is now controlled by JP Morgan. The very day that Bear Stearns failed in March of 2008 was the day that silver reached its multi-decade high of $21 per ounce. Although nobody in the mainstream media has ever reported this, the real reason the Federal Reserve was so eager to orchestrate a bailout of Bear Stearns is because Bear Stearns was losing control over the price of silver. If they were forced to cover their shorts, silver could have quickly risen to $50 per ounce. A breakout of this size in the price of silver would signal a loss of confidence in the U.S. dollar and trigger a currency crisis.

In just the same way that it wasn't a coincidence that silver reached its high of $21 per ounce the same day Bear Stearns failed, it might not be a coincidence that silver is now at its highest level since March of 2008 with JP Morgan claiming to be exiting proprietary trading of commodities. JP Morgan has been slowly starting to cover its silver shorts in recent months, but still holds the majority of its silver short position. In recent weeks, silver's rise has come with very low volume. JP Morgan isn't rushing to cover their shorts, but at least they aren't increasing their shorts like they normally would at this time. Now is the time that JP Morgan would normally act to slam the price of silver down. If we don't see JP Morgan make a noticeable attempt to manipulate down the price of silver within the next couple of weeks, it could be a sign that their manipulation is over.

The largest banks like JP Morgan control what is said in the financial mainstream media. It is sickening to us that all of the so-called financial experts who were pushing the public to buy dot-com stocks in 2000 and Real Estate in 2005, are now calling for massive deflation. This is being done solely to trick the little guy so that Wall Street as a whole can switch from being on the short side of gold and silver, to the long side. Within a year, after Wall Street has switched their positions, you will see the mainstream media begin focusing on the risk of massive inflation in our future.
NIA Silver Manipulation

U.S. The home of the American Peace flag

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

U.S. Silver Eagles The Best Hedge Against Tyranny

It is really quite simply, all the financial markets are of course rigged with derivatives and futures which are just another name for selling something that does not exist. The gold market is to big to crash for the American patriot, but the Silver market. There we have vulnerability to organized systematic purchases en masse to break free the price from fixing by J.P Morgan and Comex. There is a mere 1 Billion dollars in invest-able silver in the world give or take a few hundred million.
Currently the whole U.S. Silver production is 40 million oz. The U.S. Treasury is on pace to break the all-time record for U.S. Silver Eagles. July of 2010 was the 7th best month on record for U.S. Eagles sales coming in at 2,981,000 oz of Silver during a traditionally slow summer period. With a surge in the latter part of the year U.S. Eagle sales could top 40 million oz more than all the Silver mined in the U.S. Another little known fact is that U.S. Eagles sales need to come from Silver mined in the U.S. That means it is possible that the Mint may have to suspend Eagles sales later in the year driving the price of physical bullion through the roof. This would destroy all of the price fixing across the board with commodites from Gold to wheat. You are essentially putting the death kneel into the skull of the Federal Reserve bank. So if you are looking for a non-violent solution to remedy the corruption of the fiat currency system, buy up them eagles. For small purchases, I have found that provident metals is the best bet and for purchases over 100oz Monex is the man. Paul Bea is the account rep at Monex. His number is 800-949-4653 x2172. Use Kevin from Uscivilflags as referral, I get a couple of coins. Below are some factoids about U.S. Eagles.

In the brief twenty-four year period since its introduction, the American Silver Eagle has become the most widely traded silver bullion coin in the world, continuing silver’s five thousand year history of desirability and value. As a further testament to the American government’s belief in the soundness of these coins and their suitability as investments, American Silver Eagles were the only silver items of any kind allowed to fund Individual Retirement Accounts (i.e., IRAs) prior to 1997. Affordable, versatile, beautiful: the American Silver Eagle.
The American Silver Eagle is the only silver bullion coin in the world whose purity is guaranteed by the government of the United States. It stands at the summit of a two hundred year history of American silver coinage. The American Silver Eagle program was authorized by Congress in late 1985 with the first coins appearing the following summer. Since their introduction, over seventy million American Silver Eagles have been sold to collectors and investors around the world. As stipulated by law, American Silver Eagles are composed of silver mined exclusively in the United States with a purity of .999, making them the purest silver bullion coins ever minted and offered to the public by the United States. All American Silver Eagles are struck in the one troy ounce denomination with a stated face value of $1. They are substantial coins, measuring 40.6mm in diameter and 2.98mm thick, and have a heft befitting their quality.
The American Silver Eagle is considered by many to be the most beautiful coin in production today. It takes its design directly from one of the most popular and iconic coins in U.S. history, Adolph A. Weinman’s Walking Liberty half-dollar of 1916-1947. The reverse of the coin features a new design created expressly for the American Silver Eagle by John Mercanti, the chief engraver at the U.S. Mint. It depicts a proud heraldic eagle placed directly beneath thirteen stars representing the original thirteen colonies. By combining the classic with the modern, the American Silver Eagle coins are able to capture the unique spirit of our country: proud of our history while moving toward our future with purpose.

Monday, August 23, 2010


This would be a sad joke if it wasn't true. I am way beyond caring what other people think. The WTC was a planned event to trigger Wars in Iraq and Afganistan to score some money for the planners. It is simply old style imperialism under the cloak of terrorism. What we have here is major mis-direction. The Barbarians are inside the gate; time to clean house and implement operation clean sweep.

The Sovereign flag of America- breaking the grip of Trauma-based mind control.


There is now a growing awareness of the Complete Accounting Financial Record scam. How we have been led to believe that State Governments are bankrupt, when there are in essence Trillions of funds that are not included in the budgets be in the un-publicized media black-outed Year-end accounting of all state, local and federal governments.
Governments cry poverty in order to justify the expansion of government control and power. We now work over 6 months of the year to pay for people to prey on us. How wonderful. Walter Burien has been exposing the fraud and deceit for 15 years, now he is just beginning to gain some traction.

State Special Funds May Hold $1.4 Billion In Unspent Revenues

Danny de Gracia II and Kyle Shiroma
Hawaii’s taxpayers might be shocked to discover that while numerous voices in and out of the local political establishment are calling for an increase in the General Excise Tax to cover any future budget shortfalls in education or other state services, upwards of $1.4 billion dollars in unspent excess funds may be sitting in special funds, several of which were tagged by the auditor almost a decade ago for repeal.

According to the Department of Budget and Finance’s “Reports on Non-General Fund Information: Fiscal Years 2006-2012,” some 186 special funds spread across twenty different departments hold an estimated $1,412,357,203 in unspent revenues over and above their operational requirements. In plain language, if the estimates provided by the Department are correct, the state has more than just pocket change stuck in its seats.

Until recently, few members of the public were aware of how many special funds existed, what their purpose was or how much money the State of Hawaii was holding in these accounts. For this reason, Grassroot Institute analysts decided to review the Department’s worksheets and itemize all the special funds to see just what they contained.
Source the evil doers operating in our name. Freedom is claimed not granted.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Police Attempt to Stop National Anthem at Lincoln Memorial

Mindless drones try to stifle positive patriotic behaviour. This will stop very soon. watch the quiet rebellion take root.

The Sovereign flag of America- breaking the mindless behaviour of Americans.

U.S Treasury Preparing to Return to Gold Standard?

I have been hearing about speculation for years that the US was going to return to a Gold and Silver standard. There are signs that this may be the case very soon. The federal reserve is being systematically crashed by off-shore Sovereign funds. The collapse of the Fed is necessary as the system needs to be completely gutted to remove the influence of both the bankers and their paid propaganda arm the MSM.
The was created to promote the awareness of soundmoney. The U.S. Civilflag is a symbol for a country that is operating under Constitutional money which is gold and silver backed dollars. Whether the U.S. Civilflag actually gets adopted officially is irrelevant; the point behind the flag is to bring up questions to break the blind obedience to authority. Just because someone wear's a badge or talks on the TV does not mean that they are not lying to me. Question everything...

I have often written about the US Treasury and US Mint's very strange behavior when it comes to their part in continuing "business as usual" for the fiat monetary system. Although many have chalked up the Mint's rationing of Gold and Silver American Eagle coins to normal behavior of inept government employees and government bureaucracy, I have a much different take on the subject. I believe they are trying to DELAY and LIMIT the American Eagle program until such time as the US is ready to go back on a gold and silver standard.

To understand this objective it helps to go back to a very important moment in our monetary past...

It was March of 1982 when Reagan's Gold Commission released their final report on the "Role of Gold in the Domestic and International Monetary Systems". Although the Commission's recommendation was "no change necessary at the moment" the report was surprisingly frank about what the future might hold. The full report can be found here:

Gold Commission Report

What I found most interesting is the report's conclusion on page 21 which I explored in this article:

Gold Standard Implementation Update

It is clear to me that from as far back as 1982 the US Government was aware of the potential (or even the likelihood) of a need to return to a Gold Standard. In 1985, Congress even went so far as to begin the re-implementation of Gold and Silver coins into our population by authorizing the "Bullion Coin Act of 1985". This act was following through with the recommendation of the Gold Commission's "Minority Report" written by our friend Ron Paul and Lewis Lehrman:

Recently the BBC ran an article pointing out that the US Mint is HOARDING over $1.1B of the new $1 coins and nobody can figure out why...

Is it only a coincidence that the US Treasury is also delaying the introduction of the new $100 bills until Feb 2011 when they've been in production for over 2 years? My take on the new US $100 bill can be found here and the implications are staggering if I am correct:

Hidden Meaning in the New $100 Bill

So let's add up all the information we know about the strange behavior coming out of the US monetary authorities...

1) All US Bills have been redesigned EXCEPT the US $1 Bill with all the Illuminati references on the back.

2) The US Mint is hoarding the new $1 coins to the tune of over 1 BILLION coins.

3) The New US $100 Bill is being held back and stockpiled even though it is the most counterfeited bill in the world.

4) The new US $100 Bill is full of references to gold and overthrowing our government when they get out of hand.

5) The NEW SF Mint project was scheduled for opening in 2008 but has been delayed even though many say it's ready to go (

6) The rationing of gold and silver US Eagles is completely illegal and yet the US Mint continues to ration

These unique oddities in the behavior of our monetary authorities can ONLY be understood by knowing that they are PREPARING for some event that they KNOW is coming very soon. I believe the total and complete destruction of our fiat monetary system is that event. Many mainstream monetary commentators predict that the end of fiat money is inevitable but it will take another 5-10 years to transpire. From my work on the Road to Roota Letters this transition will not take place in a matter of decades... but a matter of MONTHS!

We are on the brink of something the majority of people in the world are not prepared for. The complete elimination of fiat money and a return to a gold standard. The US Treasury and the US Mint are walking the same fine line that the CFTC is walking as they try to slowly introduce position limits on gold and silver COMEX contracts. Nobody wants to ROCK THE BOAT and get blamed for the crash but all are preparing for the END of fiat money.

It's only a matter of time.

May the Road you choose be the Right Road.
The Sovereign of America is also the flag of the Restore America plan.

Showdown at the OK Corral...GOLDMAN VS GOLDBUG

Get ready for a rise in Silver and gold as the banking wars go into full gear. This is a war between the NWO fiat currency crowd and the Gold bugs most likely tied to the exiled Hapsburgs and other factions. I know it is mid-august and the dog days and maybe you are on vacation, but now is the perfect time to start buying Silver. Monex is the low-cost supplier, 800-949-4653 x2172 use Kevin as referral.

Bix Weir-

Well the battle has officially heated up today as Goldman Sachs released a MASSIVELY bullish report on Gold. Of course we all know what that means...GET READY FOR THE MONSTER SLAM!!!!

This all makes sense based on my TIME LINE article as the battle lines have been drawn and it is the banking cabal's LAST CHANCE to shed their short positions before they are taken out for good. All is going according to plan.

For those who aren't on the Private Road here's a sneak peek at what the TIME LINE says about the first part of August...



"Early - We should start to see the break down of the economic system starting as early as the second week in August. Keep an eye on the unemployment figures and yet unforeseen "problems" arising. The Obama market riggers who decided last year to implement the sustained market manipulation scam ( have been instructed by the Good Guys to "release" their official controls. Once Summers, Goolsbee and Geithner stop their official involvement it will be in the hands of the Primary Dealer Banksters and they have to try to skirt around the new regulations. Not an easy thing to do but they will try. Gold and Silver will start to trade erratically as the Good Guys and Bad Guys unleash dueling computer rigging programs...."

*To get the entire TIME LINE report sign up for the Private Road here:


It also makes sense because the cabal is at a low point on a Commitment of Traders analysis which is followed by most gold and silver bugs who try to buy the bottoms. I believe the Bad Guys are constructing a false bottom to get one final flush out using a massive amount of paper gold and silver derivatives...just like the take down two years ago. Just the way Blythe Masters and JP Morgan took silver down from $21 to under $9.

Watch what the Ice Queen of Silver Derivatives has to say about "derivative commodity manipulation"...

Or the way they took Natural Gas down from near $15 to under $5 (only 1 month after getting the green light to trade in Natural Gas from the Federal Reserve and making a few $Billion in the process.)

It's always the same for the BIG SLAMS. Make the sheeple BELIEVE we've bottomed out...let the market lemmings jump in and leverage up long positions...then pull the trap door releasing a mountain of derivatives all the while colluding with your bankster buddies to pull phony computer bids then cover shorts.

Does this matter to you? IT SHOULDN'T if you have been following the Road to Roota Letters as you should ONLY have physical gold and silver in your possession. No paper metal, no metal in storage accounts, no safe deposit boxes, no mining shares...NOTHING OUTSIDE OF YOUR OWN GRASP.

It's the only way to survive the coming calamity. You should NOT care if gold spikes to $5,000/oz or falls to $50/oz...these prices are not real. At $50/oz gold you won't be able to buy 1 physical oz anyway. It is the paper games played by the banking cabal and you should be ready to RIDE IT OUT for a few months.

So sit back. Enjoy the show. Follow the TIME LINE if you get scared.

For the end game points to a GLORIOUS FUTURE for our side!

Road to Roota

Sunday, August 8, 2010

The TIN MAN Updated Version of the Wizard of OZ

This movie may be an allegory for the fight within the banking community. Will we go back to Gold and Silver as real money? Will the world return to sanity? I am watching this mini-series based on the insight of Bix Weir from Road to Roota

U.S. Civilflag: Fighting for the return of Truth, honor and the American way...isn't that Superman?

If you want the cheapest source of Silver in the whole wide world. There is monex. Paul Bea is my account rep. 800-949-4653 x2172 100 0z min. Remember to mention Kevin from U.S. Civilflags, I get a few coins to support the Civilflag and Goldmoney site.

Thursday, July 22, 2010


This video explains why Socialism will never, ever work. Why Capitalism and Adam Smith are King. What is wrong with healthcare. Did you know that there is a tax on Gold coin sales over $600 embedded in the Healthcare bill? The home of the Sovereign American flag!

Monex- The low-cost retail Silver and Gold supplier. Get some U.S. eagles before the price shoots up over $100oz. Paul Bea- account Rep Monex- 800-949-4653 x2172 use Kevin from uscivilflags as referral.

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Silver at $6000 oz? Are you crazy?

he silver markets are rigged. Every day. Every trade. Every option. Every derivative. The silver markets have been rigged since the early 1970's when Alan Greenspan introduced computer market trading systems to the world beginning the long term commodity market rigging operation.

Since that time there has not been a day when the silver markets have been "freely traded". Nobody, and I mean NOBODY, knows the true "Fair Market Value" of silver!

But like all price suppression schemes, the silver manipulation must come to an end and we are on the brink of that moment. The only remaining question should be "What is the true value of silver in terms of money?"

First a little background to set the stage.

Computer Commodity Trading

Beginning in the early 1970's, computers were introduced to control the order flow in financial markets. Order processing was drastically changed with the New York Stock Exchange's "designated order turnaround" system (DOT, and later SuperDOT) which routed orders electronically to the proper trading post to be executed manually, and the "opening automated reporting system" (OARS) which aided the specialist in determining the market clearing opening price (SOR; Smart Order Routing).

Today we have algorithmic trading, auto trading, algo trading, black-box trading, robo trading…and the list goes on. Algorithmic Trading is widely used by pension funds, mutual funds, and other buy side institutional traders, to divide large trades into several smaller trades in order to manage market impact, and risk. Sell side traders, such as market makers and hedge funds, claim to provide "liquidity to the market", generating and executing orders automatically. In "high frequency trading" (HFT) computers make the decision to initiate orders based on information that is received electronically, before human traders are even aware of the information.

Over the years computers have played an increasingly important role in everything related to our "free and open market system" such that today's financial markets CANNOT function without computers. The Federal Reserve, US Treasury, Wall Street insiders and the Exchanges were all instrumental in the integration of computers but they also gained access to secret trading information before the order hit the open market. This information coupled with the fastest computers on earth made market manipulation easy.

This power, the power to control markets, was too much for anyone to resist. Over time those who were given the official key to the back office operations have used and abused their position to its manipulative fullest. Although some of the time they used this power in an official capacity (for the good of the country), more often than not it was used in an unofficial capacity… for the good of themselves.

Bernie Madoff, the ex-head of the NASAQ, was a great example of this public to private transition as his private trading firm was all computer algorithm based market rigging operations. There are many other ex-Exchange/Wall Street officers that went on to open computer trading operations. Many continue to thrive such as EWT, LLC which became a dominant trading/market making firm using "state-of-the-art technology and algorithmic models". EWT was founded by Vincent Viola (ex NYMEX Chairman) and David Salomon (reported to Robert Ruben at Goldman Sachs) and are also an "Authorized Participant" in the iShares Silver ETF (SLV).

Are you beginning to see the problem? He who has the biggest, fastest and smartest computers (or programmers) can set the price and will ALWAYS WIN! No longer is there any kind of true supply/demand factors related to commodity exchanges or prices. Computer trading should be outlawed…the convenience and efficiency it provides does not offset the detrimental effects and potential for total and complete market manipulation.

If you want a silver retailer, the lowest cost provider is monex. Paul Bea is my account rep. 800-949-4653 x2172 referral Kevin from

CFTC Created to Cover Up the Manipulation

When the computer rigging programs were implemented there needed to be some kind of cover to ensure secrecy and maintain a false confidence in free markets. In 1974 Congress passed the Commodity Futures Trading Commission Act that overhauled the Commodity Exchange Act and created the CFTC as an independent agency with powers greater than those of its predecessor agency, the Commodity Exchange Authority.

From that moment the CFTC has been run by board appointees that showcased a revolving door of Wall Street insiders ensuring that the computer market rigging operations were not interfered with. The only notable exception is Brooksley Born who was fired by President Clinton when she found out the truth about our supposed "free markets" and tried to warn everyone. (see The Warning)

Listen to Brooksley Born explain the problems in her own words when she accepted her JFK Profiles in Courage Award in August 2009.

A while back I gave up my fight against the CFTC as I determined that they were NOT protecting the best interest of the investor but rather they were protecting the computer market rigging operations and the people involved. Here is one of my last articles on the subject:

Road to Roota III -- Who's the little man behind the curtain?

Now that you have some background let's get back to $6,000 Silver!

Historically, when any price rigging operation stops the violence of the ensuing price changes are determined by the length and scale of the manipulation as well as the underlying fundamentals of the item being rigged. Take for example the famous 1980's case of the Hunt brothers trying to corner the silver market. From early 1974 the Hunt brothers started accumulating silver which ultimately drove the price from $6/oz to $50/oz until January 21, 1980 when the CFTC finally pulled the plug on their operation. Within 2 months the price of silver plummeted from $50/oz to $10/oz and the silver price was back under control of the US Government and Banking Cabal. An excellent account of what transpired can be found here:

This account shows what can happen to the price of a manipulated commodity when the price manipulation is ended. In the case of the Hunt Brothers the manipulation lasted 6 years and involved approximately 130M oz of physical silver and 90M oz of COMEX silver contracts. This was an attempt at a Long Silver price manipulation but it was going on while the Short Silver Official manipulation was going on trying to keep the price down. The only way the Hunt's accumulated so much silver without the price heading into the many thousands of dollars was the official computer price suppression operation.

The manipulation was ended when the CFTC stopped all COMEX Silver purchases and allowed only silver liquidation sales instantly driving the price down. In 1980 the US Government held 3B oz of silver and in order to maintain the lower silver price levels they sold the entire stock of silver into the market over the next 25 years. That excess supply combined with other governments divesting their silver was enough to continue the price suppression scheme for almost 40 years. That supply is now gone.

One Bank has the Hot Potato

So here we are 40 years after the official manipulation of silver began and the world is finally awakening to the situation. The CFTC, having investigated silver manipulation allegations twice previously, has had an open investigation into silver market manipulation for almost 2 years. They have even stated that the investigation was moved to the "Enforcement Division" within the CFTC which pretty much tells you what the conclusion of the investigation revealed. The FBI has separately stated that they are investigating JP Morgan for silver market manipulation. These two facts and the absolute SILENCE from JP Morgan are strong indicators that the long term manipulation of silver is about to end.

Ted Butler of Butler Research has been exposing the official manipulation of Silver for the past 25 years. His research was instrumental in exposing the gold/silver leasing operations and the massive concentrated short positions in both gold and silver. On September 3, 2008 Butler published a report entitled Fact Versus Speculation where he showed how one bank, JP Morgan Chase, took over the Bear Stearns Silver COMEX Short position of 30,000 contracts or 150M oz.

Since this report was published JP Morgan has continued its silver market rigging antics in an effort to get out of this precarious short position. After Butler exposed JPM as the culprit there have been wild orchestrated swings in the price of silver as JPM attempts to cover their massive COMEX short position. The price of silver has risen from $13 to currently around $18 in this time frame and the size of the short position held by JP Morgan has gyrated wildly between 30k and 40k contracts as they desperately try to shake the longs to cover their shorts. But even with this rise in price the short position is STILL above 30k contracts according to the CFTC's latest Bank Participation Report.

Add to this various silver market manipulation tools such as naked shorting silver ETF's, falsifying COMEX warehouse data, unallocated silver, leasing and swapping metal and you have a situation that dwarfs the Hunt brothers case.

Of course, JP Morgan is no ordinary bank because they are also the LARGEST derivative holder in the WORLD at $78.5 TRILLION! Do remember Warren Buffett calling derivatives "Weapons of Mass Financial Destruction"? Well, JP Morgan holds the mother load when it comes to silver too with $9.3 BILLION of Silver derivative contracts!

(OCC Report table 9: Classified as "PREC METALS"… might be a little platinum but not much).

This report was for the quarter ending March 2010 when the price of silver was $17.50. That translates into over 530 MILLION OUNCES of notional silver derivative contracts that remain open!

COME ON PEOPLE! I'm starting to think my $6,000/oz silver call is too conservative!

What's going to happen when JP Morgan's derivative monument comes crashing down…which it almost did in September 2008?

So here's where I get to $6,000 per oz for silver.

1) I know silver has not been freely traded in 40 years so today's price if irrelevant.

2) I, like many, estimate there is only about 1B ounces in above ground physical silver for investment purposes.

3) I, like many, estimate there is only 5B ounces of above ground physical gold for investment purposes.

4) If the price of gold is not manipulated, like the banks claim, then the price of silver should be 5x the price of gold due to its supply/demand fundamentals.

CONCLUSION: The price of gold is around $1,200/oz so the true Fair Market Value of Silver should be $6,000/oz in a FREE market!

It's simple, if you remove ONE BANK from the supply side of the equation the price of silver will SKYROCKET overnight.

ONE BANK controls the price of silver.

ONE BANK controls the fate of our monetary system.

ONE BANK is behind the curtain pulling the silver manipulation levers.

ONE BANK has control over a nation that was founded by "We the People".


May the Road you choose be the Right Road.

Bix Weir

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

US Civilflags Newsletter: The Oil Spill and the End of Obama

It has been a wild and wacky few months. We have portents of War and Marshal Law abound. There is of course the massive Oil Spill that may turn the Gulf into the American version of the Dead Sea. The ramifications are enormous for America and the world both economically and environmentally. This is a terrorist act perpetrated by the banking cabal on the American people. If you remember that the Big Oil is intertwined with Big Fake Money. BP or British petroleum was originally an asset of the British crown the arch-enemies of America. Where we ever got this idea that Britain is our ally? I know where, don't need to go there at the moment. Standard Oil of New Jersey was originally the big Oil monopoly. Chase bank is the by-product of the Rockefeller Oil money.
The Silver lining in the Oil debacle is the destruction of the Obama administration. He will not survive the term. Even the liberal hosts such as Keith Olbermann are turning on him now. Big Bullshit Media is having to be-grudgenly become somewhat honest just to survive. I don't think there is much of a need for a libertarian to attack Obama anymore. The liberals will feed on his carcass quite nicely for
feeling betrayed. Sort of like marrying a hooker with a drug problem; what did you expect? He never actually defined any change anyway, but no one was actually listening except for the Ron Paulers, which have now formed the core of the Tea Party. The country is turning back to it's conservative roots as the great liberal experiment for the last 100 years is now almost at an end. At the end of the day, this is a alledged President that can not provide the basic documentation for being an American National. That is someone that is born on the land within one of the 50 Sovereign Nation States, well actually 48. Hawaii is post Commercial code creation and the last time I looked Kenya was not a U.S. territory. I am mixing the common-law with the laws of commerce, I know.
The Restore America Plan has un-officially adopted the UScivilflag as their identity to define their Sovereign rights. One does not need to use the Civilflag, one can make upm their own symbol
or adopt another American symbol; but the Civilflag is a very potent symbol since it is a mirror-image of the star and stripes and it does have a history rooted in the founding of the Republic via the
Rebellious stripes of the Sons of Liberty as well as the first UScivilflag created by the U.S. Treasurer in 1799, Oliver Wolcott. The first Civilflag never caught on because of two reasons; one was
economic, it was un-affordable compared to the stars and stripes and the other reason was a lack of knowledge of what the Civilflag meant. It defines America Sovereignty in a state of Peace and financially solvent. This has not occured since atleast the American Civil War. The Restore America Plan is attempting to revert to a Constitutional government before Lincoln annexed west virgina and created an ad hoc government; outside the rule of law. For their to be a legitimate Constitutional Government; the southern states needed to be represented.
I did know that the Civilflag was a very powerful symbol that was un-tainted. It is essentially a virgin symbol that can free the mind from blind patriotism; the last refuge of the scoundrel. When you begin to think for yourself, there is a creative flow of events that enters into one's life. You can meet life with courage, grace and joy. Life begins to take shape around one's personal vision. The third part in the grand American experiment is the pursuit of happiness. This can be done; even in the face of Tyranny, enbolded by a faith in God. I have added Sons of Liberty Hats and well as new Civilflag hats made from the patches. They are hand-sown by my two beautiful assistants Jennifer and Rosie. Wearing the symbol out in public does more than can imagine in de-programming the American people from the TV and the cult of worship of personality and subservience.
On a final note, I have been pitching Silver for quite some time. I have realized through the writings of Jason Hommel and lately Bix Weir of that Silver is about to explode to record highs not seen since the tulip craze in the 1600's. The suppression of Silver has been going on since we went fully off the gold standard in 1972 under Nixon. In the 1980's the Hunt brothers drove the price of Silver up to $50. The bankers came in and crushed the Hunt brothers and drove the price down to about $3. The Silver markets have been massively supressed ever since the high of $50. Where as Gold has moved past it's high of $880 in the 1980's, Silver has been languishing at under $20 for the last year. Traditionally there is a 16-1 ratio between Gold and Silver. The current ratio of Gold to Silver is 64-1. 64 oz of Silver gets you 1oz of gold. A 16-1 ratio of Gold to Silver would make the price $78 troy oz for Silver. The actual world Silver supply is now 8-1, due to industrial consumption. An 8-1 ratio is $157 oz for Silver. Now we have not even talked about the paper obligations for Silver and Gold that make the Comex look more like Monopoly money.
The achilles heel of the bankers is the tiny Silver market that can totally be taken over by a few smart American Sovereigns. For a low cost Silver supplier there is; if you can afford to buy atleast 100oz of Silver. Paul bea is my account rep. 800-949-4653 x2172 If you use my name as a referral, I get a few silver coins as a bonus. Kevin from

Sunday, June 20, 2010

While the World Drowns in Oil; Obama Plays Golf

This is an act of war against America plain and simple and Obama is now in cohoots. This commercial is quite funny. There is usually always humor to be found in tradgedy. The home of the Sovereign flag.

Silver a store of value in times of trouble. Expect a 10-fold rise within the next year. Weimar Republic here we come. Paul Bea Monex 800-949-4653 x2172 lowest cost silver retailer. use Kevin from Uscivilflags as referral.

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Why We Don't Have to Worry about Obama Being the Anti-Christ

What do they say? A picture says a 1000 words. The hollow man speaks, with most likely an Obama supporter in the background after a Mac attack. The Sovereign flag dispelling ignorance everywhere. The Anti-dote to Marxism.

Monday, June 7, 2010

National Inflation Ass. Mainstream Media's Incompetance about Inflation

Mainstream Media Incompetent About U.S. Inflation

NIA finds it disturbing that mainstream media outlets continue to give credibility to imbeciles like Dave Ramsey. Ramsey recently described gold as being "dumb", "speculative", "volatile", and one of the "weirdest" investments. Ramsey compared investing into gold to investing into diamonds and called its value an "illusion". He said that Real Estate is a much better hedge against inflation.

Ramsey recommends to his viewers that they purchase certificates of deposit (CDs) and tells them that once they save up enough money they should buy rental properties because, "People always need housing." It's a shame that prominent figures in the mainstream media today are giving such dangerous investment advice that will cause their viewers to see the purchasing power of their savings wiped out. The mainstream media needs to catch up with the times and realize the devastating effects inflation has had and will continue to have on our economy.

20 years ago, senior citizens were able to purchase CDs and live off of the interest they collected. With just $200,000 in a CD, seniors would earn $17,000 per year in interest income. Combined with social security, they had plenty of money to live comfortably. Today, $200,000 in a CD would only earn $600 per year in interest income and $600 today only has the purchasing power of $150 compared to 1990. This means seniors are now earning 99% less interest income on their savings compared to 20 years ago. NIA believes CDs are a "dumb" investment, because the real rate of price inflation in the U.S. today is already north of 5%. Those who own CDs paying 0.3% interest, are seeing a dramatic decline in their purchasing power.

Gold is the most stable asset the world has ever seen. While on the surface, U.S. dollars appear to be a "safe haven" because they have a number on them that always stays the same, U.S. dollars are actually the riskiest asset you can possibly own when you have a Federal Reserve that has expanded its monetary base by 135% since September of 2008. What volatility in gold prices actually show you is just how unstable the U.S. dollar is.

Gold is the best possible hedge against inflation because it is the most liquid asset in the world. If you own gold, it is possible to exchange it for any fiat currency instantaneously. Gold is easy to transport, easily dividable, very durable, fungible (one piece is equivalent to another - which is why diamonds can't be used as money), difficult to counterfeit, easily recognizable, expensive to produce (it can't be printed), with a value that's easy to determine at any time. These are all of the qualities that make a good inflation hedge.

Real Estate is not a good hedge against inflation because it's an asset that is very difficult to sell. In today's market it usually takes at least 12 to 18 months to sell a house and the transaction involves inspections, mortgage approvals, contracts, brokers commissions, etc. Considering the large shadow inventory of homes that will soon hit the market and cause a second wave of mortgage defaults, it will be many years until Real Estate is a good investment. By then, the median U.S. home will cost less than 1,000 ounces of silver.

Being a landlord with rental properties will not be a good business to be in during the upcoming U.S. hyperinflationary depression. In Weimar Germany during the years 1912-1913 before hyperinflation occurred, the average household spent 30.2% of their monthly expenditures on rent. By the third quarter of 1923, rents fell to just 0.2% of the average household's monthly expenditures. At the height of hyperinflation in Weimar Germany, households were spending 91.6% of their monthly expenditures on food, making it impossible for landlords to raise rents in any meaningful way. With a piece of fruit costing more than a month's rent, landlords saw their real rental income evaporate.

Unfortunately, the majority of Americans don't think for themselves. They get suckered into believing the financial advice of Ramsey and other morons who spew the same nonsense. Ramsey, who should have been chastised for being so wrong about the U.S. economy for so many years, is now quoted in the media more often than ever and was rewarded by FOX Business with his own television show. The media's agenda is not to prepare Americans for the currency crisis ahead, but to help maintain the dollar bubble for a little bit longer.

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Sunday, June 6, 2010

Is the Government Bankrupt? The Prince and the Pauper

Is Our Government Bankrupt?

by Walter Burien - 05/10/10

Analogies are fun to use:

Is the Colombian cocaine cartel short of cocaine?

The most important things to look at per government are the basics:

1. What was the income of that local government in 1998 - 2002 - 2005 - 2007 - 2010

EXAMPLE: Now if Bill Gates had a net worth and income of:

•In 1998 a net worth of 51 billion and 4 billion income.
•Then in 2002 a net worth of 56 billion and 5 billion income.
•Then for 2005 a net worth of 62 billion and income of 7 billion
•Then in 2007 a net worth of 71 billion and income of 8 billion
•But then in 2010 his net worth dropped to 65 billion and his income was now 6 billion, would he be crying "bankrupt"? (Numbers are for example use only):
Let's present this information above in two ways.

The first will be the way the government is presenting it:

1. Our income in 2010 has dropped down by almost 25% from 2007 and our losses brought our net worth down by 6 billion dollars, we have been severely damaged by the weakened economy since 2007 and must fire employees, raise taxes, and cut back services...

And now for a reality look and check using different parameters:

2. Our income from 1998 to 2010 has increased by 2 billion dollars (50% INCREASE) AND our net worth has increased by 14 billion dollars (about 35% INCREASE)

So on example #2 the key questions to ask yourself are:

1. What was the population increase from 1998 to 2010? If it was 12%, 18%, 20%, or 25% government by the numbers is clearly in the black.(in most cases it was probably under 15%)

2. What was the "real" rate of inflation from 1998 now adjusted for 2010? If 10% to 20% by the numbers government STILL is clearly in the black.

3. The last primary factor to look at is: What was the average increase in the population's income from 1998 to 2010 for comparison with the governments income increase?

Now these are the basics which of course a complete vacuum and void is created in the minds of the population due to the money involved. Focus your attention here to determine if you have a government that is a "for profit and a take-over machine" or a government "representative of the people's interests"

I have looked many a times and know in advance you will not be pleased with what you find when you look.

What is the difference in the presentation of the bankrupt scenario? ANS: A bunch of spoiled and ruthless yuppies of which most are attorneys greasing the skids as they dot the "I's" and cross the "T's" walking with as much cash as they can today as they with a strong arm also lock in the productivity value of the next five to seven generations. Their presentation of prospective has worked easily and grandly for them over the last 70 years and there is nothing of any consequence stopping them as of today so the beat goes on!

Government "plays" great paupers to the media for presentation to the public while at the same time having the net worth of a million Bill Gates. The perspective you are spoon feed from your government is NOT in your interests but in theirs as the US / local government financial "empires" continues to expand Worldwide..

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