Sunday, February 19, 2012

US Civilflag Newsletter: Ron Paul's Supporters Outsmart RNC and the Turning of the Tide towards Freedom

I am an energy guy, I sense movements of energy before they manifest on the physical plane. You could say it is a form of prophecy; I just see it as sensitivity. While the outer form appears to be getting worse, like the passage of NDDA and the appearance of the failure of the Ron Paul movement to gain traction with the populace. The actual truth underneath is quite surprising, like in Vegas two weeks ago watching the Super Bowl; I felt the shift towards the Giants before the miraculous throw by Manning and catch by Manningham, even before the dropped pass by Wes Welker.
Miracles are created by massive movements of energy that take time to be made manifest. Reading the post game recaps of the Super Bowl, it was remarkable to see that when the Giants got the ball back on the last drive that the whole team knew that they were now going to win; in fact that belief carried them through the whole week and they had to bite their tongue not to appear arrogant. Flying back from Vegas, I saw that Ron Paul had finished second in Maine on CNN. The truth again was far different; Ron Paul had in fact won Maine and by a substantial margin except for the shenanigans of the RNC in Maine. Maine is now being run over by a swarm of idealistic 20 year olds that are in the midst of hijacking the Republican party there.
On the same flight back from Vegas, it was a long flight, to my surprise I watched a segment on the Rachel Maddow show about the quiet amassing of delegates by Ron Paul in the caucus states that rivals the Mitt and the Rick. How can that be? Apparently Ron Paul supporters do not have the attention span of guppies like most followers of CNN, they have read the rules and play the game and end up as the delegate. All lawful and legal in a pharisee sort of way; it is the panzer division of wicked smart kids that are ruling the day as the stupid sound bite TV watchers that barely have enough ram to retain a phone number are being crushed under a designer boot. Where is all this leading too? Maybe a brokered convention where the Mitt, the Rick and the Newt supporters will sell themselves out for a box of chocolates followers the lead of their yellow-bellied leaders.
What is most true in America today is that cowardice is a badge of honor and that character remains the domain of a select few earned not handed out like a box of chocolates or a government check for signing a form and emitting CO2. There are many other signs that the wicked smart are breaking through the illusion of the magic of the media and the witchcraft of the banks and the courts. David Clarence who is somewhere buried on my email list has perfected the ultimate shield and weapon against the de-facto agents of the Corporation posing as our government. It is known as the executor process, it can bring you back from the dead into the land of the living and make your accusers liable for your welfare. How bout them apples? I have seen it work firsthand with a vicious federal case who wrongly accused a friend of mine of nothing. In the ensuing two and a half years of nothing. His wife left him, he sent all his savings, lost his house and moved into trailer. A verifiable story of Job where the good man is attacked by the devil to see if he can be broken. The case was set to go to trial and the prosecutor was seeking 7 years for nothing, he lined up witnesses that were paid to lots of money to lie. The irony here is that the accused was paid the fair market rate for his services of $700 to do what he gets paid to do; while the Fed's witness was paid get this over $100,000 to do what the accused was paid $700. The Fed conviction rate is 97.5% or something to that effect. This can only happened in the land of monopoly money. A week after submission of the executor papers, the case was dismissed for a song and a dance. Two and a half years and over a million dollars down the drain, but the good news is that everyone is paid. That is the point of the Defacto, to collect money and keep the train going. It has nothing to do with Truth, Justice and the American way; that is why this lie is about to end. I have other secrets that I can't reveal, but trust in this, the tide has turned in the affairs of men.
Here is the pitch to make some coin, I have some Ron Paul patches, books and hats (Ron Paul Hat not shown on link specify in paypal notation box when ordering) still left with the Sons of liberty logo with the original vertical striped flag that lays in the backroom at the Massachusetts Historical Society. The Return of the Republic is a movement of energy that extends way beyond Ron Paul back to the Dejure government of our Founding Fathers; that is about to return in a big way as this Tsunami of energy is about to hit the American shores.