Friday, December 11, 2015

U.S. Civil Flag Newsletter: The Implementation of the American Republic?

U.S. Civil Flag Newsletter: The Implementation of the American Republic? Is the sky falling? Have we lost the Republic? Or are we about to install the Original Government for the very first time? There is a Cipher in the Declaration of Independence; Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness. We have been engaged in the first two, but not yet the third. That is because the American Republic has yet to be fully implemented; it is still a work in progress. The actual defeat of the International Banking Cabal is the true destiny for the American Republic; but that is a future event. I found out about the Civil flag right after 9-11, which I watched from my rooftop here in New York City. In the aftermath of 9-11, most Americans became creepily patriotic similar to Nazi Germany, there were stars and stripes everywhere. It was blind patriotism at it's finest, we were ready to go kill someone; the reason did not seem to really matter. If our brains were functioning correctly, we didn't need to travel to Afghanistan or Iraq; all we had to do was go down the street to JP Morgan Chase or the Federal Reserve Bank to find the perps. The funny thing about wars is that they need lots of momentum to get started; at the time I vaguely understood that the U.S. Civil flag was a way to interrupt that momentum and get people to think and ask rational questions. The original plan for the middle east as laid out in the Grand Chess board by Zbigniew Brzezinski was to go into 7 different countries. That did not happen, not everything that the illuminati wants do they actual get. The illuminati have always used symbols to control the masses, whether it is the Stars and Stripes, the Swastika or the Hammer and Sickle. Symbols drive our world into one of more control or towards freedom of the individual. As a reverse image of the Stars and Stripes, I saw the Civil flag as a propaganda weapon to block and derail the plans of our masters. As a child, I was dyslexic I saw the world as a mirror image, I wrote backwards and read in reverse. One day that was corrected during kindergarten, but the residual effects of seeing the world as a mirror are still with me today. As I did some research on the origins of the flag, I saw the connection back to the very first American flag; the Sons of Liberty flag. The rebellious striped flag was simply a vertical striped Red and White flag. The Sons of Liberty flag has been obscured from American history, we are led to believe the first American flag was the Betsy Ross flag. The Betsy Ross flag was actually created after the Revolutionary war and had no influence on the winning of the war for independence. That honor was reserved for the Grand Union flag and the original inspiration of the Revolution the Sons of Liberty flag. The association with the Horizontal stripes of Old Glory is akin to Maritime law or the law used during wartime. The vertical Stripes can be associated with Common Law or the law of the land. It is the law used during peacetime and is the law of a government under solvency or sovereign control. The remnant of the original vertical striped flag is found with the current Coast Guard flag which still uses the vertical striped flag; so you could say that we still have a tether to the original intent of the founders of the American Republic through the symbol of the Coast Guard flag. After the war for independence was over, the government was relatively small and benign; the American people did not really understand the significance of the US Treasury flag and stuck with flying of the horizontal striped War flag. The other factor in play was the cost of the new Treasury flag was significantly higher than the Betsy Ross flag and the later derivatives as the nation grew in size. The lack of the circulation of the US Treasury and customs flag as a symbol caused it to fall into disuse. The lack of a peace time flag has had an enormous impact in furthering the agenda of the banking cabal. The simply recognition of the state of the government whether in war or peace and Sovereignty or debtor status has been the main point of manipulation of the American people to do the bidding of the banking cabal. We have been mislead to believe that we owe debts accrued by the imposter corporate government or in fighting wars that are unjust and not in the interest of the American people.The American government was formed to protect and serve the interests of the American people. This time is similar to when Martin Luther was tacking up his 95 theses against the abuses of indulgences by the Catholic church triggering the Protestant revolution. However the real revolution taking place was the mass distribution of Bibles into various spoken languages other than Latin. The Bible could now be read directly without the interpretation of the clergy. It spawned the concept that the Conscience was the highest moral arbiter rather than the Pope. The court of Conscience laid the framework for Trial by Jury which is the basis of all Common law. The internet is now the next revolution in the dissemination of the Truth, that will be the real cause of the downfall of the banking cabal. The history of the American Republic was aided and funded by the Jesuits via the British East India company and the Jesuit General Lorenzo Ricci who was the anonymous figure known as the Professor. After the Jesuit Pope recent visit to America, where he coincidentally visited all of the original centers of resistance against the British; Baltimore, Philadelphia, Boston and New York. I wondered if this was a continuation of the plan first set forth by Ricci over 200 years ago. I mean why would a bunch of Protestants and Freemasons shack up with a Jesuit General unless there is perhaps a Secret Destiny for America that is so awesome that all of them were sold including George Washington. Last week as I was re-reading the Secret Destiny of America by Manly Hall, I found a passage with the professor and the founding fathers. The committee met the following evening in the Professor's room. General Washington opened the proceedings by asking Dr. Franklin for his recommendations. Franklin replied by requesting that the entire committee listen to the words of his new found and abundantly honored friend, the Professor, who had definite suggestions to make....." The Professor went on to point out that the flag which he recommended would be subject to change in the future as the national destiny increased. This change, however, should not require a complete re-designing but a process of gradual modification: "To make it announce and represent the new nation which is already gestating in the womb of time; and which will come to birth--and that not prematurely, but fully developed and ready for the change into independent life. Now God's intent is usually a far broader and more expansive intent than Man's; so the Professor did not understand the extent of the modification of the flag in the context of the broader plan of God. Man is the instrument of divine will and not the author. What we see at the time is often based on our limited vision. In light of the connection to the later US Treasury flag and the current remnant found in the current US Coast guard flag, it stands to reason that the US Civil flag may become the flag of the future Restored American Republic if the distribution of the image is wide enough. In 13 years of selling the flag, the US Civil flag has had a disproportionate impact relative to the actual numbers in circulation. I believe that simply circulating the image of the US Civil flag throughout America and the world will have more of an effect in restoring the Republic than any form of proselytizing about the virtues of a Republic as opposed to any other form of government. You let the symbol do the magic for you. Sincerely, Kevin Courtois