Wednesday, December 29, 2010

We Need a Libertarian Superhero

He or she will need to be tall, good looking with a wit and a razor tongue. Hyper-intelligent and a steel will and pristine character. Who will emerge from the shadows to destroy the NWO? Who will be that nail that gets hit first? Who will it be? the place for the peace flag of the original republic-de jure.

Silver, Silver, Silver, get your silver. Turn that worthless paper into Gold, I mean Silver the new gold or the poor man's gold and women too. Dogs can wear silver collars as well as your girlfriend. That was not politically correct. Fuck it, I will leave it there.. Paul Bea- Monex 800-949-4653 x2172 referral Kevin uscivilflags, I will get some shekels to pay the temple tax.

Webbots Predict the Fall of JP Morgan and $600oz Silver

The webbots are hysterical, it is like watching family guy and getting all the juicy insider info within the financial markets. Massive intel to capitalize on the collapse of the Fiat currency scam that has been running since the 1930's. Silver is the commodity play that can make you a millionaire in real terms and save the republic at the same time. It is the same battle and story as illustrated in the Wizard of OZ. In the book they are Silver shoes not Ruby.. Watch the webbots talk about the JP Morgue..
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Thursday, December 9, 2010

Hitler vs Keiser Parody on Silver

A nice video with some curse words, that shows the silver fraud through the use of clipped film footage from a theatrical release set to the current Silver fraud run by JP Morgan. To join in on the fun to crash JP Morgan, just buy Physical Silver. Multiple benefits; it stops the decay of your cash. It accelerates the demise of the fiat currency system and it actually gets you rich. There will be more Silver millionaires made in the next 18 months than at any time in history.
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Monday, December 6, 2010

Silver Going to the Moon Bix Weir

Bix always makes sense and has been right on the money with the Silver investigations of JP Morgan and HSBC banks.

I'm going to keep this short but sweet.

In January 2002 I bought my first few ounces of physical silver at less than $5 per ounce. The reason I bought silver was that the Commercial Short position in the COMEX Commitment of Traders Report was, in my opinion, way too high considering that the US Government had just announced that they had sold their entire 3 Billion ounce silver position over the last 50 years and would now have to buy silver to support their Silver American Eagle program.

Here is the CFTC Silver Commercial Short Position that I based my analysis on:

Date: January 2002
Silver Commercial Short Position = 55,534 Contracts or 277.6M oz

Price of Silver = $4.71
Other factors I looked at were the total lack of investor interest in silver, the end of hedging for miners, the flat new mine supply projections, the new applications for industrial silver and the massive abuse of the fiat money supply.

From my work with the folks at GATA I knew that the Commercial players were manipulating the Gold and Silver markets. Common sense told me that one day the "free market" for Gold and Silver would take over and the price of silver would have to break free of the manipulators to find it's true "Fair Market Value".

My Investment Analysis: Stick with my position in Silver UNTIL the Commercial Short Position came back down to some sense of reality and the silver price rises to reflect the buyback of these Commercial Shorts. That was almost 9 years ago.

Where are we today?

Date: December 2010

Silver Commercial Short Position = 79,561 Contracts or 397.8M oz

Price of Silver = $30.00

Amazing! The price of Silver has risen 6x but the size of the Commercial Short Position has ALSO risen 1.5x! In fairness to the analysis, the way the CFTC measures the Commercial Short Position has changed a little over the years but this should not dissuade you from the ultimate conclusion...THE COMMERCIAL SHORTS ON THE COMEX HAVE GREATLY INCREASED THEIR SHORT POSITION OVER THE LAST 9 YEARS SUPPRESSING THE SILVER PRICE FROM GOING MUCH, MUCH HIGHER!

Ask yourself this:

"How high would the price of silver be if those Commercial Short Sellers had NOT added 120M ounces in new shorts?"

Would silver be $100/oz? $500/oz? $2,000/oz...take your pick. The price of silver has risen 6x even though the Commercial Short keeps rising skyward to try and stop the meteoric rise in the price of silver.


So for all those "new silver investors" who are worried about buying silver at $30/oz just follow the same simple analysis as I did 9 years should be salivating at getting your hands on real physical silver BEFORE the price finds it's true "FAIR MARKET VALUE"!
Road to
Buy Silver and Crash JP Morgan, simple yet elegant plan.
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Sunday, December 5, 2010

JP Morgan Silver Fraud Explained

This little cartoon explains perfectly how the JP Morgan fraud has been set up and how it is being brought down as we speak. Silver will shoot up to over $500oz in a matter of months, when the comex is crashed. Fighting for truth, honor and the American way. Shit that's Superman..
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