Wednesday, December 28, 2011

UsCivilflags Newsletter: Ron Paul the Exoteric Head of the Republic

Here is what I believe. I believe in the power of momentum to change the world. Ron Paul is a good sincere man, that has built of wave of energy that may actually change America. I am not talking about the political process either, I am talking a change in consciousness, because Ron Paul is a rarity in the world of politics or life; he is what he appears to be. There is no hidden agenda here at work, he honestly wants to re-install a functional Republic and if given the chance one that would go back to the pre-1862 government that the Dejure Republic of Tim Turner or other common law oriented groups.
Ron Paul has one of the most difficult jobs in the movement back to a Constitutional Republic, he needs to sell the idea to people that are addicted to the welfare/warfare state which is the majority of America. 10 years ago there was no discussion of sound money or a return to a gold/silver standard. It was pure crackpot ism in the eyes of most U.S. citizens. Today not only is there not just a real debate about a return to sound money there is actually an over whelming movement back to the actual use of gold and silver as money which is the main weapon to unhinge the power base of the Federal Reserve money printing ponzi scheme. We pay taxes because we use private money (Fed Notes) as opposed to public money (U.S. Notes). We follow the corporate rules under the defacto U.S. government, not the dejure Republic. To return to legitimate peaceful government, we need to remove the Federal Reserve and repudiate all debts which are based on fraud anyway. They are not our debts they are the debts of the De-facto corporate government.
Ron Paul has done more to expose the Federal Reserve than any man alive; Eustace Mullins died this year he was the original source of the information on the Fed with his book; the Secrets of the Federal Reserve. Edward Griffith later expanded upon Mullins information and re-wrote it into a more legibly story line that is an interesting read with the Creature from Jekyll Island. Is Ron Paul presenting the whole story? No, of course not, but he is teaching kindergarten here, America is not ready to go back on Organic food they still like Mcdonald's. I support Ron Paul and I support Tim Turner and any other group that is promoting a return to Republic in some way shape or form. Ron Paul's main obstacle besides vote fixing from computer systems programmed by Israeli's is the Controlled Press that is looking for one of their CFR stooges to be propped up as the opposition candidate to America's first foreign born leader. Of course Obama is not the dejure President, he is the de-facto President so he can be foreign born. The rules that we think apply do not, because we do not have the coin of the realm. It is the type of money that determines the type of legal system. Gold and Silver are the foundation of a Sovereign Dejure solvent Government and Debt notes are the domain of the De-facto corporation that collects interest on it's debts and runs under the UCC rather than American Common law.
The 4th estate controls the minds of the majority of Americans, they have to date have inputted the limited data, that these barely sentient beings make their decision on to pull the lever. Ron Paul ambush of the Iowa caucus will go a long way towards nuetralizing the media's negation of Ron Paul. Currently there main theme has been that Paul is not a top tier candidate and that he has no shot to win. That facade is crumbling now as it is becoming obvious that the truth is that Ron Paul has the majority of the support of anyone that actually has the capacity to think. A win in the Iowa caucus will cause the media to give Ron Paul more time and they will have to acknowledge that he is a frontrunner, which will swing more people into his camp because Americans like to jump on the band wagon, any band wagon. Momentum is the key right now, so your support is critical now, because there may not be a later. I have some Ron Paul paraphernalia that is left over from the 2008 campaign that is not dated so it applies today, just as much as yesteryear...
Ron Paul Patches, Ron Paul Baseball Cap and Ski Caps... with the Sons of Liberty logo as the backdrop. (*Note the Ron Paul Ski Caps and Baseball Caps are not listed on the site, but we can make them on request.) If you plan on making donations to his campaign, now is the time not later.. The Iowa caucus is Jan. 3rd, you can also do some phone banking from home. Nick Spanos runs the Nationwide Phone bank operation for Ron Paul. He has set up a real simple system that you can make calls from your home in support of the campaign. Just call (724) 444-7444 and use Call ID 115224, PIN 1#. The code is the same everyday.
You can also contact Nick direct @ Now is the time to up to tempo to make the breakthrough to the other side. Where is the tipping point? That I do not know even with my crystal ball, all I know is that we are not there yet and we may never get another chance. The Republic hangs by a thread, will you help bring it back and re-install without all the viruses and trojan horses.
As a final note, I have a Restore the American Republic Subliminal for free that has the latest technologies from the
The subliminal will help amplify yourself in addition to re-moving the brainwashing of an American Education and a lifetime of watching the TV. I will also offer discounts for a subscription to the for U.S. Civilflags customers. You can email me for the subliminal and the special offer for Civilflag customers.

God Save the Queen, I mean the Republic...


I Fell Off My Chair: Fox News Called Ron Paul the Frontrunner

And the Fat Toad sellout called the Newt something says he would rather vote for Obama which is fitting because they are in political alignment. Now Ron Paul must really be the front runner, if they are actually saying it... holding down the fort till the calvary comes over them hill, or maybe the aliens, not the illegal kind...

Thursday, December 8, 2011

Ron Paul Vs The TV Wins Oklahoma Straw Poll

Ron Paul - 46%
Herman Cain - 25%
Newt Gingrich - 17%
Mitt Romney - 6%
Rick Perry - 3%
Michele Bachmann - 2%
Rick Santorum - 1%
Gary Johnson - less than 1%

Poll was conducted online at from November 21st to December 5th. Roughly 350 votes were cast. Ron Paul only opponent is the media not the other candidates. How dumb are Americans that they move in sync with the lips of the idiots on CNN, FOX and MSNBC.
Ron Paul will win, you heard it here first. Grassroots activism will make Ron the first internet driven President. The home of the American Peace flag...