Thursday, May 24, 2012

Ron Paul Wracking Up Delegates

By Mason Buran The Republican National Convention is only three months away and the Republican GOP race has only just begun. After this previous weekend, only 818 of the 2286 delegates have been allocated. The Ron Paul Revolution is making a strong showing in second behind Romney. In Maine, Ron Paul won decisively, 21 to 3. Virginia, a state in which Romney won by 20%, Paul has been allocated 17 delegates to Romney’s 16. However, 16 delegates have yet to be allocated and will be in the Virginia state convention which will be held on June 16th. In Michigan, where Paul was not expected to win any of the delegates, he won 8 to Romney’s 22. Minnesota, where Paul finished third, he was allocated a 32 to 8 victory over Romney. In Iowa, Paul has won all 13 of the allocated delegates and expects to win a large sum of the 12 yet to be allocated on June 15th. Colorado, Paul has won 18 to Romney’s 16. Lastly, Nevada, a state that has drawn a large amount of GOP controversy, Paul has won 22 of the 25 delegates. However, there are a few more states where Paul is expecting to win more delegates. In Washington, Paul is expecting to do extremely well. Washington has 43 delegates yet to be allocated and will be … Continued @ source This is the victory of the passionate and the intelligent over evil. Evil runs rampant when good men remain silent. The lion has awakened and Ron Paul supporters will continue to run rough shod over the GOP. The GOP will soon be the Ron Paul Party by the Republican Convention in Tampa. Supports freedom everywhere..